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How 30 minutes of facial exercise a day can make women look three years younger

Women could knock years off their looks with half an hour of facial exercise CREDIT:GARO/PHANIE/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK Forget expensive anti-ageing creams which claim to reverse the signs of ageing. A new study shows that simply undertaking facial exercises for 30-minutes-a-day can knock years off

Valley workout inspiring women and giving moms a break to exercise

The circuit training type of workout changes every day and exercises different muscle groups. The classes are about 45 minutes long. GILBERT, Ariz. – Burn Boot Camp is the ultimate workout for moms! “This is the best place to be,” said

Hair loss replacement system gives hope to women with thinning hair

No matter why a woman loses her hair, it is traumatic and can be debilitating. 30 million American women live with hair loss, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. A woman from the UK brought over a hair loss prosthetic system that’s non-invasive,