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Yoga instructor claims naked classes can boost YOUR sex life – and help with stress and body confidence too

Many people love yoga to relive stress or tone up, but one Australian instructor encourages her class to strip off during the session – by saying that it will make them more confident. Rosie Rees, a 30-year-old yoga teacher says that

California coffee may soon come with a cancer warning, but should consumers worry?

A cup of coffee could soon come with a cancer warning in California where mediation is starting Thursday as part of a highly-charged lawsuit. The Council for Education and Research on Toxics wants businesses to warn consumers about a possible cancer

Summer and Fall May be Associated with Hair Loss; Try these Foods for Hair Care!

HIGHLIGHTS If you have been constantly concerned about hair fall, blame hot weather Summer and fall were associated with greater risk of hair loss Tweak your diet to prevent hair fall in the longer run If you have been constantly concerned