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What is microneedling and why is the skin treatment so popular?

Sharon Wahrman, an aesthetician at Quinn Medical Day Spa in Kansas, recently performed a cosmetic procedure known as microneedling at the facility. The procedure, which makes patients look younger, involves a pen-like device that’s runs over the surface of the skin,

What is the New Atkins diet, how does it work, is it safe and are there any success stories?

IF you are trying to lose weight in preparation for your summer getaway, it can be hard to know which diet is for you. One that is favoured by multiple celebrities is the New Atkins diet, with focuses on cutting out carbohydrates

What is Captagon? Isis drug dubbed ‘chemical courage’ intended to treat sleeping disorders abused by terrorists

ISIS fighters have been using a drug called Captagon, dubbed “chemical courage”, to stay alert in battle. So what is the substance, and what effect does it have on users? Here’s what you need to know… GETTY IMAGES Captagon (pictured right, with