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47 Hospitals Slashed Their Use Of Two Key Heart Drugs After Huge Price Hikes

Even before media reports and a congressional hearing vilified Valeant Pharmaceuticals International for raising prices on a pair of lifesaving heart drugs, Dr. Umesh Khot knew something was very wrong. Khot is a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, which prides itself on its

‘Trainspotting generation’ most likely to die from drug use

Trainspotting actors including Ewan McGregor, second left. Opiate overdoses accounted for more than half of all drug-related deaths last year. Photograph: Allstar/Channel 4 Films People in the “Trainspotting generation” are most likely to die from drug use, after a sharp rise in deaths

Here’s how much you should spend on a yoga mat (and why you should always use your own)

The wrong yoga mat could make for a bad spiritual and physical foundation in a person’s journey to meditation and stretching. Yoga mat prices run the gamut — from $7 to more than $200 on AmazonAMZN, -2.09% — and, even for something as