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Zika virus used to treat aggressive brain cancer

A harmful virus that can cause devastating brain damage in babies could offer up a surprising new treatment for adult brain cancer, according to US scientists. Until now, Zika has been seen only as a global health threat – not a

3 simple ways to treat pimples with lemon

Lemon is associated with weight loss and mostly used in the kitchen for culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world, primarily for its juice. The oils present in the zest of a lemon have various skin benefits. Coupled with ample Vitamin C,

What is Captagon? Isis drug dubbed ‘chemical courage’ intended to treat sleeping disorders abused by terrorists

ISIS fighters have been using a drug called Captagon, dubbed “chemical courage”, to stay alert in battle. So what is the substance, and what effect does it have on users? Here’s what you need to know… GETTY IMAGES Captagon (pictured right, with