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Getting To The Core Of Exercises Said To Strengthen ‘Mum Tum’

Vanessa Wauchope begins abdominal exercises in Leah Keller’s class in San Francisco, Calif. Keller teaches an exercise, called “drawing in,” to help strengthen abdominal muscles that tend to spread apart a bit during pregnancy. Talia Herman for NPR Last week, NPR

How to safely view the solar eclipse without damaging your eyes, camera

Before you head outside on Monday, Aug. 21, to catch a glimpse of the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017, astronomy experts and medical professionals say it is crucial to take special precautions to protect your eyes from serious damage. They also say it’s vital to use special

Painful menstrual cramps? Experts swear by these Yoga asanas to help you relieve your suffering!

New Delhi: Women all over the world don’t dread their period as much much as they dread the horrible cramps that accompany them. Every girl and woman has different types of cramps, ranging from bearable to extremely painful – while some