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‘Alien about to hatch and pop through your skin’: Internet bewildered by man’s leg cramp

An after-workout video has garnered over 14 million views and has been shared 169,189 times. Not because it shows off someone’s strong and toned torso or gives tips to lose those extra pounds in five minutes. California based Angel Bermudez’s 50-second

A pair of new smartphones from Huawei and Honor pass through TENAA

Every time we report on Huawei and its Honor sub-brand, we tend to pay close attention to a given device’s affiliation to one or the other, since the two parties have made the case that they are quite independent, on more

Microsoft will soon end Office 2013 distribution through Office 365

Get ready, Office 365 administrators: Microsoft is ending support for the Office 2013 client apps that it previously distributed through its cloud-based productivity service. Instead, administrators and users will be pushed to use Office 2016, the latest version of the productivity