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Now, Google helps to detect heart risks through your eyes

Deep learning is a buzzword that one hears everywhere today. Now Google has used a deep learning algorithm to analyse a photograph of the retina, and from this photograph, estimate the owner’s age, blood pressure, blood count and smoking status. This

Parasitic Worm Squirms Through Teen’s Eye, Damaging His Vision

This image shows the teen’s damaged right eye. The white arrow points to a translucent section of the parasitic worm. The dark spots beneath the arrow are blood. Credit: The New England Journal of Medicine ©2017 When doctors in Mexico peered

‘Alien about to hatch and pop through your skin’: Internet bewildered by man’s leg cramp

An after-workout video has garnered over 14 million views and has been shared 169,189 times. Not because it shows off someone’s strong and toned torso or gives tips to lose those extra pounds in five minutes. California based Angel Bermudez’s 50-second