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Monitor their diet: Eating nuts, fish daily cuts asthma, rhinitis risk in kids

You may need to include nuts, avocado, fish in your kid’s daily diet, as high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in children’s blood is linked to a reduced risk of developing asthma or hay fever at the age of 16, suggests

47 Hospitals Slashed Their Use Of Two Key Heart Drugs After Huge Price Hikes

Even before media reports and a congressional hearing vilified Valeant Pharmaceuticals International for raising prices on a pair of lifesaving heart drugs, Dr. Umesh Khot knew something was very wrong. Khot is a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, which prides itself on its

Anyone? Anyone? Hackers find little demand for their stolen NSA hacking tools

  The ShadowBrokers’ auction for the hacking tools has so far generated little interest. Hackers claim to have stolen files that may belong to the NSA. Credit: National Security Agency