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How the cuttlefish spikes out its skin: Neurological study reveals surprising control

Wouldn’t it be useful to suddenly erect 3D spikes out of your skin, hold them for an hour, then even faster retract them and swim away? Octopus and cuttlefish can do this as a camouflage tactic, taking on a jagged outline

High Cholesterol Diet May Increase The Risk Of Colon Cancer: Study

According to a study published in the journal Cell Stem Cell, people eating a high-cholesterol diet may be at an increased risk of colon cancer. Scientists discovered that diets high in cholesterol can ramp up the speed of cancer tumour growth

Eating High-Salt Diet Could Increase The Risk Of Dementia: Study

Love salty food?  Who doesn’t? Fries, burgers, pasta there are options galore to always keep us tempted. But beware as your obsession for salty food may pave way for dementia later in life. It’s time to reduce your salt consumption as