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Going meat free: should you try a vegetarian diet?

There are many reasons people become vegetarians. For some, it’s about health, for others it’s about not eating animals. More and more Australians are eliminating foods such as meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products. Epworth Richmond dietitian Fiona Wong says research shows

Heart Hormones Protect Against Effects of High-Fat Diet, Here are Fatty Foods You Should Avoid

High fat diets are harmful in the longer run. However, it looks like researchers have found something that can protect your from the effects of a high-fat diet. According to the study published in the journal Science Signaling, elevated levels of

Here’s how much you should spend on a yoga mat

The wrong yoga mat could be uncomfortable, and cause an injury. The wrong yoga mat could make for a bad spiritual and physical foundation in a person’s journey to meditation and stretching. Yoga mat prices run the gamut — from $7