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Vitamin D May Ease Sunburns by Reducing Skin Damage

A high dosage of vitamin D after your next sunburn could mean the difference between weeks of agony and a quick recovery. After exposing 20 participants to a small UV lamp sunburn on the inside of their arms, researchers from Case

Tips and Tricks for Reducing Epilating Pain

When seeking to remove hair from the body, it is a well-known fact that epilators do a much better job than shaving. However, they are also known to be more painful than shaving so if you are looking for ways to

Outdoor light has role in reducing short-sightedness in kids

Increasing exposure to outdoor light is the key to reducing the myopia (short-sightedness) epidemic in children, according to ground-breaking research by Australian optometrists. Optometrist and lead researcher on the project, Associate Professor Scott Read who is the director of research at