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A studio is not the only place for yoga

Yoga instructor Simone Skinner-Smith has a deep reverence for the practice and benefits of yoga but she has no qualms about embracing its humorous side either. One time, when she was instructing a family, the children decided to climb their parents

Believe it or not, Ganja Yoga is now a real thing

Image for representative purpose. Picture courtesy: Pexels You might have heard of something called Goat Yoga last year–a form where goats are combined with yoga to connect better with nature. But have you heard of Ganja Yoga yet? This all-new form of yoga

Pregnancy Nausea Medication May Not Work All That Well

How effective is the most commonly prescribed drug for nausea during pregnancy? Not so great, say researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital in Canada. They are questioning the effectiveness of pyridoxine-doxylamine, which is sold under the brand name Diclegis in the United