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What is alopecia and is there a cure for male pattern baldness? All you need to know about the hair loss condition

HISTORY dictates that hair is seen as a sign of social significance with flowing locks indicating good health and youth. However some people experience hair loss, which is known was alopecia, and is a condition some people find difficult to come to

Skincare myths busted: Here’s all you need to know about looking after your skin

Don’t self-judge your skin and arrive at your own skin diagnosis, say experts who suggest using a sunscreen is a must even if you don’t spend most of your day outdoors. Here are some other essential skincare facts and some myths:

Honey Skin Is the Super Popular K-Beauty Skin-Care Trend You Need to Know

If you keep up with the K-Beauty beat, then there’s a more than solid chance you’ve heard of “glass skin,” a buzzy new Korean skin-care term used to describe complexions that boast an otherworldly, almost translucent glow that mimics the appearance of (hold your breath)