Going vegetarian is the most effective ‘diet’ for losing weight, say researchers

Going vegetarian is the most effective 'diet' for losing weight, say researchers

(Picture: Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images)

You might think that cutting the carbs is the most effective and painful way of losing weight.

After all, No Pizza Before Ibiza must exist for a reason, right?

ew research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition claims that the key to shredding might actually lie in a plant-based diet.

Scientists claim that dieters not only lose weight more effectively when following a vegetarian diet but that going meat-free also boosts their metabolism.

Going vegetarian is the most effective 'diet' for losing weight, say researchers

They looked at a group of 74 type 2 diabetes sufferers who were put on a vegetarian diet of grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

And the researchers claim to have discovered that that diet was twice as effective as a meaty one.

On average, the newly veggie dieters lost an average of 14lbs versus 7lbs.

As well as simply losing weight, their plant-based diet helped reduce muscle fat which in turn, heightened metabolism.


‘This finding is important for people who are trying to lose weight, including those suffering from metabolic syndrome and/or type 2 diabetes,’ says Dr Kahleová.

‘But it is also relevant to anyone who takes their weight management seriously and wants to stay lean and healthy.’

So if you’re trying to slim down or maintain a healthy weight, it might not be a bad idea to try and have at lease one meat-free day a week.

Yet more proof that plant-life rules.


Huawei P10 tipped to be the most expensive P-series phone

The Huawei P10 is responsible for a solid share of the rumors coming in recently, the latest being a set of renders which supposedly depict the upcoming flagship. Today, word got out that the P10 will be the most expensive P-series device Huawei’s made.

Huawei P9

Courtesy of the usually reliable Ricciolo (Twitter handle @ricciollo1), the info isn’t exactly what you’d call specific, but gives us grounds to speculate. Last year’s P9 launched at a sensible €599 for the 32GB storage version, while twice the storage would set you back €649. But since the P-series also includes the P9 Plus (obviously), that points to a P10 price upwards of €749.

Huawei has the Mate 9 Porsche Design, priced at €1,395, to make you feel better about pretty much any other smartphone you might be considering. The regular Mate 9’s original price at announcement was €699, so if the rumor checks out the P10 will be pricier than the current Mate.

Or will the P10 be more expensive than the P9, and so too will the P10 Plus be more expensive than the P9 Plus? We’re confused.

Anyway, the P10 and P10 Plus are set to go official at MWC about a month from now, and that’s when we’ll get the exact numbers.


Cancer symptoms that you are most likely to ignore

TNN| Kalpana Sharma | January 12, 2017
Lesser known cancer symptoms

1/8Lesser known cancer symptoms
Cancer is spreading like an epidemic. According to National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, an estimated of 2.5 million people are living with cancer in India. Reports suggest that over 7,00,000 cancer cases are registered every year. They can be prevented and treated if detected at an early stage, thereby bringing down the number of cancer deaths in India.
Dr Mandeep S Malhotra, Head- Dept of Head, Neck & Breast Oncoplasty, Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj explains, “It is not necessary that the rarest of disease will present with the rarest of symptoms. More often, cancer symptoms are so common that people tend to ignore.” Here are some specific cancer symptoms which are commonly not addressed
(Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock)
by Kalpana Sharma
Unexplained weight loss

2/8Unexplained weight loss
Dr Meenu Walia, Director, Medical Oncology at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj says, “When you lose weight of 10 pounds or more without trying, may be the first sign of cancer. This is most common among cancers of the pancreas, stomach, oesophagus (swallowing tube), or lung. Tumors that press on the intestines make you feel full with small amount of food or some secretions can suppress your appetite.”
(Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

If you experience chronic or intermittent constipation, it’s better to get a diagnosis done. With colon cancer, for example, if it is diagnosed in the earliest stages, survival rates are well over 90 per cent. “If the cancer is more advanced and has spread beyond the colon, survival rates drop dramatically,” adds Dr Walia.
(Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Unexplained lump

4/8Unexplained lump
Along with any lump in the breasts, lumps in armpits or breast tail should be examined. Nipple discharge specially blood stained or any dimpling over breast skin should not be ignored. Also pay attention to lumps that develop elsewhere and change shapes and sizes.
Unexplained abdominal pain and bloating

5/8Unexplained abdominal pain and bloating
There can sometimes be an abnormal build-up of fluid in the abdomen or pelvis called Ascites. It can cause bloating, weight gain and even lead to a rapidly expanding waistline. Ascites is usually caused by liver disease, but cancer is the culprit about 10 per cent of the time. Sometimes, the fluid is so large in amount that it can make you look several months pregnant.
(Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)
Persistent change in bowel habits

6/8Persistent change in bowel habits
Immediate medical attention is a must to avoid complications like bowel perforation that can be fatal. Obstructions are painful because the bowel above the blocked area stretches as it fills with food and digestive juices. The pain is intense and may occur in waves as the bowels try to push their contents through the

Delhi is the most polluted, but other metros aren’t getting better

<p>Delhi is the most polluted, but other metros aren't getting better<br></p>Delhi is the most polluted, but other metros aren’t getting better

Mumbai’s a coastal city isn’t always able to counter the pollutants in the air. On several days in the year, air quality drops into the poor category , and experts say more monitoring and data is needed to ensure it doesn’t go the Delhi way. Not all existing monitoring stations are able to give us the right picture because they don’t meet the required standards. Having access to data and using it to take precautionary measures is important,” says Neha Parkhi of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology. Local governments claim to have recognized air pollution as a major problem. “Some of the major sources of pollution are smoke from bakeries and burning garbage,” says Vinayak Karnik, deputy chief engineer, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation environment department. The corporation issues an environment status report every August. In its recent report (2015-2016), BMC said the total number of vehicles in the city rose from 25 lakh in 2015 to 27 lakh in 2016, he says. –Vinamrata Borwankar

In humid Chennai’s `winter’ months of November and December, doctors’ clinics fill up with patients with respiratory illnesses.The numbers are far lower during in March to August, but those are the months when the PM10 count goes up to 200mcg per cubic metre. Winter may get people coughing, but it’s in summer that the air is dirtier. Vehicular emissions, road dust and construction activity (including eight years of work on the Chennai Metro Rail) are major air pollutants. The ratio of people to vehicles is almost 1:1 in Chennai, says Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board lab director Dr K Rangana than. TNPCB works with the corporation and transport de partment to keep pollution in check.

“Chennai’s air is clean. Improving green cover could further bring down pollution levels,” says Ranganathan. Air quality at Adyar, a busy residential and commercial locality within easy access of the beach, is the best in the city. It records PM10 count as low as 20mcg per cubic metre–but that could also be because the monitoring device is located at the green Periyar Science and Technology Centre, beside the lush IIT-M campus.

–Abdullah Nurullah


An unusual combination of a long weekend a dispute over sharing water keeping out fireworks from Tamil Nadu, and activism meant Bengaluru had slightly cleaner air this Diwali compared to previous years. But that’s no indication of overall air quality in the city . The annual average increase in levels of respirable suspended particulate matter in the last five years is 5%, according to the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board The increasing pollution is in step with the rising number of vehicles: 8% every year. While vehicle emissions are the main source, road and construction dust and burning of garbage also contribute “In fact, the air we breathe in Bengaluru is clean only during bandh days,” says Lakshman, chair man, KSPCB. The problem is the lack of coordinated efforts by various civic agencies.While KSPCB monitors air quality and churns out data, its power stops at issuing notices to various agencies. State governments have failed to set out an action plan to tackle air pollution. Transport department officials said they try to detect polluting vehicles. “We have random checks to fine those without pollution under control certificates. It isn’t easy as we are short staffed,” said an official.

–Rohith BR & Aditi Sequeira


Last week, after Diwali the PM 10 count in Kolkata was 10 times the permissible limit, and though it dropped, it remained at 3.5 times above normal for the next four nights. Every year, pollution peaks after the festival, though the worst months are December and January . The administration has been taking sporadic steps to check pollution. For instance, use of adulterated fuel by autorickshaws, a major source of pollution, was banned. Automatic pollution recording stations have been set up, but monitoring and implementation of norms remain lax.Automatic recording stations often do not work. The three major causes of pollution are vehicle emission, construction dust and industrial emission. Over the last five years, a number of industrial units have been forced to move out of Kolkata or adopt less-polluting methods. Many have switched from coal to LPG. Pollution from construction dust remains a threat since Kolkata is expanding fast and construction activity is on the rise. –Prithvijit Mitra


6 more ways to make the most of Mail for iOS

6 ways to make the most of Mail for iOS

About a year ago, we served up eight gotta-know tips for iOS Mail users—everything from how to change the size of your message previews to how to dictate your mail messages.

Now, we’re back with six more ways to make the most of Mail for iPhone and iPad, including a couple of nifty tricks for iOS 10. For starters, we’ll show you how to tinker with the new mail filter, as well as how to tweak iOS 10’s threaded messages view. You’ll also learn how to customize the Mailboxes screen, pick your own message-swipe options, and more.

Customize your swipe options

You don’t have to settle for Flag, Mark as Read, and Trash as your only choices when swiping inbox messages to the left or right.

Customize your swipe options

Ben Patterson

You can pick Archive as one of your “swipe right” options in Mail for iOS.

If you like, you can swap out one of your left- or right-swipe actions with Move Message (to file a message into a new folder) or Archive (which lets you toss a message into your All Mail pile).

The Trash option isn’t listed under the Swipe Options setting (Settings > Mail > Swipe Options), but you can, in fact, move the Trash action from “swipe left” to “swipe right.”

The trick: if you have Archive Mailbox selected as your default for “discarding” a message (tap Mail, tap the name of your account in the Accounts section, then tapAccounts > Advanced and choose your default action under the Move Discarded Messages Into heading), pick Archive as your “swipe right” option. When you do, Trash will (confusingly) appear when you swipe right, while Archive will be a swipe left option.

Change your default mail account

Left to its own devices (no pun intended), iOS will generally pick iCloud as your default mail account. If your main mail account is something other than iCloud, there’s an easy way to pick a new default.

Change your default mail account

Ben Patterson

If your primary email account is something other than iCloud, you can set that account as the default.

Tap Settings > Mail > Default Account, then pick a mail account. Once you do, the account you chose will be automatically selected in the From line of new messages.

To change accounts on the fly, you can always tap From within a new message to send it from a different account; doing so won’t change your default setting.

Change the way threaded messages behave

Thanks to iOS 10, you no longer need to tap on individual messages within a mail conversation; instead, you can simply scroll through the entire discussion on one screen. You may have also noticed that, by default, threaded messages in iOS 10 start with the earliest message at the top, while the most recent sits down at the bottom.

Change the way threaded messages behave

Ben Patterson

If you don’t want the most recent message in a threaded mail conversation to appear at the bottom of a thread, try this setting.

To make your mail conversations start with the latest message at the top of the thread, try this: tap Settings > Mail, scroll down to the Threading section, then tap Most Recent Message on Top.

Customize the Mailboxes screen

If you back all the way up in the iOS Mail app, you’ll arrive at the Mailboxes screen, which displays the inboxes for all your mail accounts and lets you drill down in to specific mail folders.

Sitting in the top corner of the Mailboxes screen is an inconspicuous, easy-to-miss Edit button; tap it, and you’ll be able to customize the Mailboxes view to your heart’s content.

customize mailbox screen

Ben Patterson

You can take charge of the Mailboxes screen in the iOS Mail app once you tap the Edit button.

For example, you can add shortcuts that’ll let you see all the inbox messages you’ve received today, or all your sent or trashed messages. Even better, you can tap Add Mailbox to pin any mail folder or subfolder to the Mailboxes screen.

Once you’ve added new shortcuts and folders to the Mailboxes view, you can rearrange them; just tap, hold and drag the three-line handles to the right of each item.

Customize iOS 10’s new mail filter

The new mail filter in iOS 10 does a nice job of paring your inbox down to only unread messages, but if you like, you can refine the filter even further.

Customize iOS 10’s new mail filter

Ben Patterson

You can set iOS 10’s new Mail filter to show you only messages with attachments, messages sent just to you, mail from your VIP’s, and more.

Tap “Filtered by” next to the filter button and you’ll see a bevy of options, including mail accounts you want the filter to include or exclude and whether filtered mail should reveal flagged on unread messages.

You can also set the filter button to show just messages addressed to you, messages with attachments, or just messages from your “VIP” contacts.

Use different mail signatures for your various accounts

Nope, you don’t have to use the standard “Sent from my iPhone” email signature for all your mail accounts. If you wish, you can customize your “sig files” for each account, putting (for example) your home phone number in your personal Gmail account and your office number and job title in your work account.

Tap Settings > Mail > Signature, then select the Per Account option. When you do, new signature fields will appear for each of your mail accounts.

6 ways to make the most of mail for ios use multiple mail signatures 6Ben Patterson
You can add customized signatures to each of your accounts in the Mail app for iPhone and iPad.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget, you can add formatting like bold, italics and underlines to your mail signatures. Just select the text you want to format, then tap the “BIU” button in the pop-up bubble. (You may have to tap the navigation arrows to find the right button.)


US World’s Most Expensive Place To Give Birth: Report

US World's Most Expensive Place To Give Birth: ReportWASHINGTON:  The US is the most expensive place in the world for women to give birth, the media on Saturday cited a new study as showing.

A survey comprising of 14 developed countries undertaken by the UK medical journal The Lancet showed Australia, the second most expensive place, was lagging behind the US, Xinhua news agency reported.

Figures compiled by The Lancet show that the cost of a caesarean section is estimated at $15,500 in the US, which was only $5,000 costlier than in Australia.

A vaginal birth in Australia cost $6,775, while in America it was $10,232.

The report said while high income countries had taken many steps to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates, the cost of maternity care could be high and medical liability cost “enormous”.

“Although mortality is generally low, the picture is far from perfect,” the journal said.

“In some settings, fear prevails among subsets of women and providers, driving increased and inappropriate intervention.”

Most women in high income countries deliver their babies in hospital, regardless of whether they have low or high-risk pregnancies, the report said.

The report noted that while hospitals were well set up to cater towards high-risk women, they were not always optimal for low-risk mums-to-be who were subjected to more interventions, such as caesarean sections and inductions of labour, than was necessary for most.

As a result, maternity care costs can escalate and some mums and newborns can face complications.

“Cost increases over time are largely attributed to use of interventions,” the report said.


Cancer, Not Zika Or HIV, Scares Americans Most

Cancer, Not Zika Or HIV, Scares Americans Most

While Zika remains a hot topic in the news, a new survey has revealed that of all the health conditions it is cancer- particularly brain cancer- that concerns most Americans, even more than obesity and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

In fact, in the survey by Mayo Clinic, infectious diseases such as Zika and Ebola tied with HIV/AIDS as the least important health care challenges listed by respondents.

These findings were uncovered as part of the second Mayo Clinic National Health Checkup — the first of which was launched in January 2016 — and provides a quick pulse on consumer health opinions and behaviours.

“With the most recent pulse, we explored consumer perceptions about hot topics in health care, cancer, brain health and sleep,” John Wald, Medical Director for Public Affairs at Mayo Clinic, said in a statement.

While respondents listed cancer as the most important health care challenge, nearly three-quarters believed that at least some progress was being made to address it.

Americans were most likely to say that progress was being made with heart disease (83 per cent) and least likely to answer that progress was being made with obesity (52 per cent).
More respondents consider brain cancer as the most concerning type of the disease, the results showed.

“A cancer diagnosis is scary for anyone, no matter the type,” Wald said.

“The positive thing is that early detection and treatment can significantly improve patient outcomes, and we have excellent screenings for many of these cancers. Today, the five-year survival rate for all breast cancers is 91 per cent — in large part because of early detection and advances in treatment,” Wald pointed out.



5 ways to make the most of Reddit for iOS and Android
Credit: Ben Patterson

If you ask me, the new official Reddit app for Android phones and iPhones makes for a better Reddit browsing experience than the full Reddit website, particularly once you know what you’re doing.

For starters, you can “pin” your favorite subreddits to the top of your list, as well as quickly jump from one “parent” comment to the next. There’s also a night mode for late-night Reddit reading, as well as a way to toggle between jumbo and compact media previews. Last but not least, there’s a shortcut for viewing a subreddit’s sidebar.

Note: For now, the Android version of Reddit seems to be lagging behind its iOS counterpart in terms of features; hopefully, Reddit for Android will catch up sooner rather than later.

Pin a subreddit (iOS only)

By default, your list of subreddits in the Reddit app is organized in alphabetical order, but there’s also a way to “pin” a favorite subreddit to the top of the list.

Pin a subreddit

Ben Patterson

Swipe a subreddit and tap the button to pin it to the top of your list.

Just swipe on a subreddit from right to left, then tap the green Pin button. If you swipe a little further, you’ll also find a red Unsubscribe button.

Switch on night mode

Browsing Reddit in the dark can be rather too much of an eye-opening experience, particularly if you’ve got a bedmate who’s trying to drift off. Luckily, the official Reddit app joins a growing list of Android and iOS apps that boast a night mode.

Switch on night mode

Ben Patterson

The Reddit app’s “night mode” makes for easier reading in the dark.

For iOS: Tap the Profile button in the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the Settingsbutton in the top-right corner, then tap the Theme drop-down menu and select Reddit Night. There’s also an Auto Night Theme setting that’ll switch on night modeautomatically in the evening.

For Android: Unfortunately, the Reddit app for Android lacks iOS’s Auto Night Theme setting, but you can still turn on night mode manually. Tap the main “hamburger” menu button in the top-left corner of the screen, scroll all the way down and tap Settings, then toggle on the Night Mode setting.

Switch between Compact and ‘Card’ views

One of my favorite things about the official Reddit app is its jumbo-sized “card” view, which breaks out individual Reddit posts into a card-like format complete with large image and video previews. It’s a great way to browse pictures and video clips on Reddit without having to open the actual posts.

Switch between Compact and

Ben Patterson

If you don’t like the look of jumbo media previews in the Reddit app’s “card” viewing mode, you can always switch to “compact” view.

That said, the card view may not be for everyone, and luckily there’s a way to switch to a smaller “compact” view, either as an app-wide default or only (for iOS users, anyway) for specific subreddits.

For iOS: To change the default setting for viewing posts in the Reddit app, tap the Profilebutton in the bottom corner of the screen, tap the Settings button up at the top, tap theDefault View, then pick a setting—either Card or Compact.

To change the setting for an individual subreddit, tap the three-dot menu button in the top corner of a subreddit screen, then tap Switch to Compact View or Switch to Card View.

For Android: The Android version of Reddit won’t let you pick separate viewing modes for individual subreddits (or at least, not yet), but there’s an easy way to switch default viewing modes.

Just open a subreddit, tap the three-dot menu button in the top corner of the screen, then tap Card View or Compact View.

Once that’s done, the setting you picked will become the default for every subreddit within the app.

View a subreddit’s community sidebar

One of the downsides of viewing Reddit on its official mobile app is that a subreddit’s sidebar—often an essential repository for community rules, FAQs, and other essential links—is hidden from the main subreddit view.

View a subreddit’s community sidebar

Ben Patterson

Just tap on the three-dot menu button in the top corner of the screen to view a subreddit’s community sidebar.

That said, you can still view sidebars from the official Reddit app if you know where to look.

For both the Android and iOS versions of Reddit, just tap the three-dot menu button in the top corner of any subreddit screen, then tap the Community Info option.

Jump from one ‘parent’ comment to the next (iOS only)

It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole when viewing a subreddit post with hundreds or even thousands of comments, particularly if you wander into a rant by the grammar police.

Jump from one parent comment to the next Ben Patterson
Want to move the scroll button somewhere else on the screen? Just tap and hold it until it bulges, then drag it anywhere.

An easy way to stay on track is by skipping ahead from one parent comment—the comment to which a another comment (or several) is referring—to the next, and the iOS version of the Reddit app has a handy feature that’ll let you do just that.

As you scroll down within a subreddit post, you’ll see a faint, translucent arrow button floating on the screen. Tap it, and you’ll immediately jump to the next parent comment.

If you want to move the button elsewhere on the screen, tap and hold the button until it bulges, then drag it wherever you like.



note 7 tips primary

It’s got everything but the kitchen sink

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is jam packed with just about every feature it’s possible to fit in a smartphone, but it comes with a high price. The last thing you want to do is drop all that cash on a Note 7 and not take full advantage of all the cool stuff it can do. Here are 10 tips to get you on your way to mastering all the this phone has to offer.

Improve your home screen

Samsung’s stock home screen has improved over the years, and it can be quite nice on the Note 7 after you’ve made a few adjustments. First and foremost, the Flipboard-powered Briefing screen on the far left needs to go. It’s slow and not even very good for reading news. To get rid of it, long-press or pinch the home screen, swipe over to the Briefing panel, then toggle the slider above it.

Next, let’s get rid of those unnecessary “squircle” frames around all your app icons. What is this, 2012? Head into the system settings and open the Display submenu. Scroll down and you’ll see “Icon frames.” Change it to icons only, and the squircles are dead.

Lastly, you should take a long hard look at the app drawer. It defaults to custom organization with folders. It’s probably smarter to get rid of the folders and organize by name, which you can do from the overflow menu button in the upper right. Unfortunately, you have to re-order the icons regularly as you install and uninstall things.


The most interesting thing about Philips’ new health gadgets is their FDA status

philips connected health devices  crop

Forget about fashion aesthetics and the squishy parameters of “fitness goals.” Today Philips enters the U.S. connected health market with five new gadgets, and while the devices aren’t particularly innovative—or even pretty—they do have one feature that less trend-conscious consumers may care about: recognition from the FDA.

The suite include a health watch ($250), a body analysis scale ($100), an ear thermometer ($60), an upper arm blood pressure monitor ($100) and a wrist blood pressure monitor ($90). Each connects to a central mobile app for tracking your bio signals and activity data—all in the service of preventing and managing diabetes, heart disease, and all the other nasty conditions that send people to an early grave.

“Philips is not in the world of fitness,” said Eline de Graaf, Director for Philips Personal Health Solutions. “That’s not our mission, and as a healthcare company, we don’t think that’s where we can add value. We’re in the connected health space, and target consumer who are at risk of chronic diseases.”

philips health watch


The Philips health watch is neither stylish nor packed with features. But maybe the sober design and simple operation are what some people need.

Why this matters: Based on specs and features alone, none of the new devices is especially remarkable. But by going the extra step and listing these products with the FDA, Philips can potentially speak to a new market of consumers: less tech-sophisticated people who might be getting their gadget advice from doctors and medical groups, and not necessarily hipsters wearing Fitbits at the gym.

Indeed, the FDA listing means that all clinical validation and testing is recorded with the government agency. This might give skeptical, at-risk consumers just a bit more reassurance in the efficacy of the devices. The FDA listing also open a wider path for the devices to be recommended by doctors and even employers, de Graaf says.

“When you begin talking with health systems and physician groups, that medical-device part of the equation becomes more important—knowing that it’s been designed with the right clinical validation and protocols in place,”  de Graaf says.

The watch you buy for dad, not yourself

If you have any familiarity with connected health and fitness devices, you probably won’t be impressed by Philips new bag of tricks. In terms of basic features, the two blood-pressure monitors don’t do anything more than similar models I’ve seen. Philips’ body analysis scale, meanwhile, looks remarkably similar to scales from Fitbit and Withings (and the new Withings Body Cardio seems to do even more).

fim phs app personalised guidance us


Then there’s the new Philips health watch, which looks about as sexy as a medic alert bracelet. It’s also rather feature-limited, at least compared to truly smart watches that offer third-party app support. The Philips watch includes a stark black and white display covered in Gorilla Glass; auto-tracking for sleep, running, walking and biking; and Philips’ own proprietary optical heart rate sensor.

Philips’ sensor delivers continuous, 24-7 heart rate data, including resting heart rate, heart rate during exercise, and heart rate during recovery. This is great data, and it trumps the Apple Watch’s heart rate story, as Apple’s device must be removed at night. But wouldn’t most consumers want a much more beautiful, feature-rich gadget like the Apple Watch, or one of the many Android Wear watches that records heart rate and steps, and also delivers a universe of apps?

Well, Philips is clearly going after consumers who might never even consider a health-focused wearable until it’s recommended by their doctor. And because all of Philips’ gadgets hook into a single app, the user can slip into a connected universe where all of his or her data appears on the same dashboard. Heart rate data mingles with weight data, which mingles with step data, sleep data, blood pressure data and even body temperature data. It’s like reading one’s own medical chart—albeit simplified for lay people and customized for one’s specific health goals.

That’s not necessarily what I need, but it’s exactly the kind of experience my 87-year-old dad might tolerate. He’s looking for easy-to-read signals that speak to his specific medical conditions. He’s not interested in any flair.