A few minutes of light exercise, rather than a sweaty gym workout, is all that is needed to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, study suggests

Even small amounts of physical activity can offer health benefits that protect against diabetesEven small amounts of physical activity can offer health benefits that protect against diabetes, new research suggests.

A new study found that even a little exercise wards off insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes which can result from a high-fat diet.

Insulin resistance occurs when the cells of the body stop responding to insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels in the body.

Exercise can prevent insulin resistance by prompting the body to remove damaged cells and enhancing the quality of mitochondria, the cell’s energy powerhouses.

Type 2 diabetes affects 4.5 million people living in the UK and 29 million people in the US.

Even small amounts of physical activity can offer health benefits that protect against diabetes

The study also casts doubt on the previously held view that increasing the quantity of mitochondria could help fix some consequences of a high fat diet, including insulin resistance.

The researchers found that the benefits from physical activity were not affected by the quantity of mitochondria.

Lead researcher Megan Rosa-Caldwell, a doctoral student at the University of Arkansas, found that mice genetically engineered to have higher quantity of mitochondria were not more protected against high-fat diet induced insulin resistance.

How was the research conducted?

The researchers fed all the mice in the study a Western diet high in fat.

The genetically engineered and control mice were further divided into a group that was allowed to exercise, and a sedentary group.

Their results showed that physical activity, regardless of the amount of mitochondria, offered similar health benefits against insulin resistance.

Even a little exercise wards off insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes which can result from a high-fat diet

Study found even a little exercise wards off insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes

The researchers said that it appears that exercise’s ability to help remove damaged cells and enhance the quality of the mitochondria may be more effective for preventing insulin resistance.

But they said these aspects need to be further tested.

Exercise offers ‘the greatest protection’

Ms Rosa-Caldwell said that with rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes continuing to increase, understanding the cellular processes that help or hurt insulin resistance can help doctors better tailor effective preventative measures such as exercise.

She added: ‘For now, physical activity is the greatest protection, but further research may enable us to prevent and treat insulin resistance, and subsequent diabetes, more effectively.’

The research was published in the journal Experimental Physiology.



China’s JD sells out of OnePlus 3 gadgets in below 10 minutes

while the new OnePlus three does not require an invitation to shop for, simply getting your arms on one is still intricate. considered one of China’s satisfactoryrecognised outlets, JD.com, has said that it ran out ofunits in below 10 mins.

the coolest news is that a new batch is arriving soonthe next day! the new OnePlus 3 units will move on sale at 10pm nearby time at CNY 2,500. it’s not clear how lengthy they will ultimate, even though.

The reputable OnePlus save is offered out as nicely, expecting units next Tuesday at 10 am. The 1/3 storewhere the three is available, Suning, would not appear to have any both.


Android put on 2.0: 20 minutes with Google’s upcoming smartwatch functions


Admit it: It’s stressful sporting your smartphone around with you even whilst you’re simply going out for a run, and that’s why Google’s setting standalone software support into next model of Android wear. We gota sneak peak at it from Android put on’s product supervisor, Jeff Chang, in conjunction with a examine a few different new features coming this fall to Android put on 2.0.

Android wear apps—on their personal!
Android wear 2.0 will wiwireless offer guide for standalone applications. In our demonstration, Chang loaded a tune off of a Spotify playlist using the LG Watch Urbane second version, which has standalone 3Gcapability. The app immediately loaded the song from the cloud and started out playing it, though we couldn’t hear it because we didn’t have a Bluetooth headset paired up.

builders who make use of the API can give apps access to the cloud through a Bluetooth, c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a, or cellular connection, and there are different makes use of for itexcept streaming tune. as an instance, in case you’re a runner, apps like Strava will log jogging andbiking pastime with out you having the bring the cellphone along, after which sync up the records when you’re back along with your cellphone—or send it up to the cloud if you’ve were given a 3G connection.

simpler correspondence for your wrist
one of the pain points of Android wear for me in my opinion is the reality that i can’t wi-fi respond to an SMS or fb message from simply the watch by myself. however, Android wear 2.zero lets you kind out your message with a swipe-enabled keyboard. The keyboard is tiny compared to what you’d use on asmartphone, and may be wi-fi to apply on smaller watch monitors, however on the 1.38-inch G Watch Urbane 2d edition it regarded to work exceptional.

You’re no longer limited to the keyboard, either. If you like, you could draw out your letters to write aword and have Android wear transform it into textual content. It’s reminiscent of writing on the Palm Pilotreturned inside the day, and it’ll make sending a simple message like “kwi-ficult to pen.

records as you at once need it
With the following version of Android wear, builders could be able to implement an API that displaysrecords from their apps immediately at the watch face. For it to paintings, the watch face developer has to make space for the function on the watch face itself, and the app developers ought to allow statistics to be displayed on the watch face. however if that’s all implemented, you’ll be able to pick out and pick the apps that notify you as you please.

20 Minutes and Done! Full-Body Workout

This high-intensity workout is anything but boring — time flies by as you jump, twist, and lift. Celebrity trainer and Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Astrid Swan McGuire created a 20-minute scorch session that works every muscle in your body. You will have tons of fun while blasting calories with this workout. All you need is a light set of weights. Press play and get ready to work!Arm Workout Video | 10 Minutes

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