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iPad game may treat lazy eye condition in kids

IANS | Nov 13, 2016, 02.35 PM IST iPad game may treat lazy eye condition in kids A special type of iPad game effectively helped in treating children with amblyopia in restoring their visual abilities, more than the standard treatment, researchers

Weight gain during puberty may lead to heart disease: Study

Boys with excessive weight gain during puberty are at increased risk of death due to heart disease later in life, a study reveals. There is no corresponding risk among boys being overweight when younger and who have normal weight during adolescence.

Your love for sugary beverages may cause prediabetes

Individuals who regularly consume sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda, colas and other carbonated beverages, and non-carbonated fruit drinks such as lemonade and fruit punch, may be at an higher risk of developing prediabetes, new research has revealed. Prediabetes is a condition