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Dietary supplements lose a champion in Hatch

Dietary supplements are regulated as food, not drugs. Photo: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images The companies that make dietary supplements will lose one of their staunchest allies when Sen. Orrin Hatch leaves the Senate in 2019. Hatch helped write the law

Looking to lose weight quickly? Eat six meals a day to shed a few kilos in a week

If you are trying to shed those extra kilos, then you may start eating six small meals daily to lose up to 3kg in seven days, suggests a diet expert. Going on a diet does not mean starving; in fact the

Can Eating Negative Calorie Foods Help You Lose Weight?

Food fads are grabbing everyone’s attention, thanks to the internet fueling us with unlimited information from all around. One of the most interesting food fads we came across was the concept of ‘negative calorie’ foods. This theory of negative calorie foods suggests that