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Monitor their diet: Eating nuts, fish daily cuts asthma, rhinitis risk in kids

You may need to include nuts, avocado, fish in your kid’s daily diet, as high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in children’s blood is linked to a reduced risk of developing asthma or hay fever at the age of 16, suggests

Drug abuse leads to kids going into foster care, adoption

ROANOKE COUNTY – Many kids are ending up in foster care because of drugs, and it’s a growing problem across Virginia.    Addicted parents are struggling with day-to-day life and leaving kids behind. Dakota and Jasmine were born into different families, but have

Yoga And Its Therapeutic Benefits For Kids

Representative Image (Image: PTI) Yoga unfolds many benefits for adults as well for kids. With today’s lifestyle and pedagogy, it’s important to take special care for a healthy body and a peaceful mind at their young age. If our children become