Sam Johnson wants us to rethink the way we look at cancer

With sister Connie in the final stages of advanced cancer, actor Samuel Johnson has once again expressed his frustration that there is still no cure for the hideous disease.

And while his latest Instagram post could be considered offensive to some, we’re positive that was not his intention.

Johnson, 39, shared his thoughts on the Love Your Sister social media page today, starting by saying, “If cancer wore a burqa would we have cured it already?”


Image: Instagram @loveyoursister

What we think he meant by that comment is that if cancer were vilified the way those who wear burquas are WRONGLY targeted, if we focused all that energy wasted on mistakenly assuming all Muslims are terrorists, then cancer would probably have been eradicated by now.

His message seeming to be: Stop inventing fake problems and focus on targeting the real ones, like cancer.

The actor writes, “We want all the freedoms and we want them all now. We hate and kill other humans, for freedom from each other.

“For a freedom cancer doesn’t permit.

“75% of us live in real fear of a home-grown terrorist attack, while cancer will detonate and kill 50,000 of us this year. In our own backyard. Not in some province we can’t pronounce, let alone point to on a map.

“Rather than chanting for death, I choose to fight for life. Ideological rant over. xsam”

Followers of the cancer fundraising page have chosen to accept Johnson’s comments in the spirit in which they were intended, with @maso_chick who has experience with breast cancer saying, “Nope .. a burqa hides everything.”

The actor responded, “Cancer cares not of burquas or bikinis…”.

Connie before her final public appearance. Image: Instagram @loveyoursister

@amelie73 also chose to take his comments at face value, saying, “I know of no-one personally that has been killed by terrorism, but have lost two relatives, two colleagues, a dear neighbour, and one sweet young man to cancer.

“My father-in-law lost all his eight siblings to cancer.

“I live every day with the feeling that if I get it, it won’t be a huge shock. Governments please fund our defence against this actual menace, that’s killing thousands of Australian’s each year.

“Help us.”

Sam and Connie promote a fundraising drive. Image: TODAY

Samuel Johnsons’ sister Connie, 40, is dying from an aggressive form of cancer, her third experience with the disease since the age of 12.

Initially diagnosed with bone cancer, she recovered and lead a normal life until being diagnosed with uterine cancer at 22, and then breast and liver cancer at age 33.

Since her most recent cancer battle, brother Sam has dedicated his life to raising money for cancer research, establishing the charity Love Your Sister which has raised $5 million to date.

Last week the devastated actor wrote a love letter to his sister who is suffering through the final stages of the cruel disease, saying, “I wish I could soften your pain, or lessen your fear, or give you something tangible, but tangible clearly isn’t in season.

“I’m proud to walk you to the hardest part of the road. The end. The only part of the road in your life that must sadly be traveled alone.”


Boris Johnson pulls out of race to be united kingdom high minister

Former London Mayor and Conservative MP Boris Johnson

In a in addition twist to the U.okay.’s political fallout following the vote to depart the ecu Union, former London Mayor Boris Johnson has dominated himself out of the race to be the U.okay.’s subsequent high minister.

several high-profile individuals of the U.ok.’s ruling Conservatives had thrown their hats into the ringThursday to emerge as the following leader of the celebration, top minister and chief negotiator for Britain’sdestiny in Europe.

British domestic Secretary Theresa may additionally and Justice Secretary Michael Gove introduced their bids on Thursday. but, former London mayor Boris Johnson ruled himself out of the race. After turning in a list ofown his achievements in office, Johnson got here to the punchline and dominated himself out of theleadership race.

On Wednesday, paintings and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb and previous defense secretary Liam Fox joined the race. power Minister Andrea Leadsom additionally introduced her goal to face. each candidate –aside from may also and Crabb – campaigned for Britain to depart the ecu Union (european).

Johnson’s selection whether to stand or not has caused a flurry of hypothesis over the flesh presser‘sapproach and whether he idea he should comfy enough birthday party votes to turn out to be leader after Gove and might entered the race.

It additionally shows how a few politicians, no matter their ambitions, can be reluctant to take at themanagement beforehand of what’s sure to be a fraught and tortuous duration of withdrawal and negotiationswith the eu over the U.okay.’s destiny dating with the bloc.

Former London Mayor and Conservative MP Boris Johnson
Dan Kitwood/Getty pictures
Former London Mayor and Conservative MP Boris Johnson
talking at a press conference, can also announced her candidacy for management, pronouncing shechanged into the woman for the task of leading the U.okay. amid a period of uncertainty following the Brexit vote.

“Following final week’s referendum, our u . s . wishes strong clear management to influence us through the uncertainty following the Brexit vote,” she stated, adding that the next management needed to unite the Conservative party and the u . s .. “We want a bold new nice imaginative and prescient of the party that works for every body within the country, now not just the privileged few.”

Thursday marks the closing date for politicians to enter their bids for the management race. prime Minister David Cameron resigned after the U.okay.’s referendum on eu membership delivered a Brexit vote no matterhis efforts to persuade citizens to stay in a reformed european. Like other applicants, may additionally rulesout a 2d referendum and said that “Brexit manner Brexit.” She also ruled out a general election till 2020.

additionally launching his bid on Thursday morning, Brexit campaigner Michael Gove specific why he hadchosen to run for the leadership, rather than supporting Boris Johnson, with whom he campaigned.

“I admire and appreciate all of the applicants walking for the leadership. mainly, I wanted to assistconstruct a group at the back of Boris Johnson in order that a baby-kisser who argued for leaving the european ought to lead us to a higher future. however i have come, reluctantly, to the realization that Boriscannot provide the management or build the group for the challenge in advance. i have, consequently,determined to place my call forward for the management,” he said in a statement.

while 52 percent of Brits voted to leave the eu, the the rest is usually sad at the prospect of leaving themonetary and political bloc, fearing a loss of jobs, alternate, growth and openness to the broader world.

Sir Nigel Sheinwald, former British Ambassador to the U.S. informed CNBC that the U.ok.’s political scenewasquite riskyin the mean time.

it’s very unclear day-by-day the way things are going to head or the manner that the alternatives that aremade approximately who leads our parties and who is within the most senior positions will affect policy onproblems and interests which might be lengthy-lasting and will pass nicelypast the term in workplace of the humans we are talking approximately.”

nevertheless, the U.ok. has but to provoke any withdrawal method from the ecu with Cameron insisting that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which kickstarts the go out, will no longer be invoked till a new Conservativebirthday party leader is in placeexpected to be round September – a whole lot to the consternation of hiseuropean opposite numbers who need no similarly put off following the vote to go away.

Daniel Hannan, a member of the european parliament for the U.okay.’s Conservative birthday celebrationwho become distinguished within the campaign to depart the ecu, told CNBC that the Brexit vote did no longer entail Britain closing its borders.

nobody is speakme about closing our borders. What Theresa stated (in her management bid) and whatpeople have stated throughout the (depart) marketing campaign is that we need greater control but that does not suggest that we are going to improve the drawbridge,” he said, commenting after Gove and may‘s bids had been announced.

we’re very plenty open for enterprise and one of the principal reasons why we – the ones people that did – campaigned to go away the eu is because we need freer exchange with the U.S., Australia, India, China and the bits of the world which are absolutely developing.”