The seven-day GM diet is back – but is it actually good for you?

Bananas are your GM friend

Bananas are your GM friend CREDIT: BLOOMBERG NEWS

Shoulder pads, sequins, and a seven-day diet plan that asks you to eat eight bananas in one day – the 80s certainly gifted us with some weird and wonderful trends. And now (along with the shoulder pads and sequins), that diet plan is making a comeback.

Supposedly the brainchild of General Motors (GM), the GM diet plan was developed to help their employees lose weight – although the automotive company has never actually confirmed the connection. A quick Google search reveals pages of fans of the diet, who rave about their 11lb weight loss after just seven days.

So what’s behind this ‘miracle’ diet plan – and is it actually good for you?

In short, the GM diet is an extremely strict seven-day plan that suggests you drink 12-15 glasses of water a day while cutting out alcohol, tea and coffee; and restrict your calorific intake from food.

Wondering what to eat on 8th day after GM diet? Many of the readers have asked this question in the comments and a few through email. So, I thought of explaining this topic as a separate post rather than replying to them so that it can help everyone who’re in a confused state about what to eat after completing GM diet program for a week.

  • Overweight or Obesity, is undoubtedly, one of the biggest problems faced by most of the people these days. The scientific solution to lose weight is to increase the expenditure and decrease the consumption of calories. Generally, our body burns a certain number of calories even while we’re completely at rest.

    That is called the Basal Metabolic Rate aka BMR. This BMR varies from one individual to another, based on several factors such as height, weight, age and lifestyle. So, if a person’s BMR is 1500 calories per day, then his body will burn those 1500 cal even if he does nothing. However, if the same person consumes around 2000 calories or more, then his/her body will store the remaining 500 calories in the form of FAT cells, resulting in weight gain. So, according to this principle, losing weight is purely calculation. Spend more than you consume and you’ll obviously shed weight.

    Now, let us come to our topic. Most of the people who follow the 7 day diet plan will lose around 4 to 7 kgs, depending on how they followed it. Unfortunately, there are several other factors that interfere with weight loss, due to which a few people might not get such fantastic results.

    Let us assume you’ve followed the diet properly and lost around 5 Kgs of weight in the span of 1 week. You’ll definitely gain weight after the 7 day diet, if you get back to your old lifestyle (eating habits). There is actually no guarantee that the weight you’ve lost is permanent. To be frank, there is no diet plan in this world that promises such guarantee. It is because, our body weight depends on how we manage it and it is a continuous process. If you wanted to stay fit and healthy, then you should always see what you’re eating. Consuming unhealthy or fast foods may lead to obesity and it is an open secret.

    What to Eat on GM Diet 8th Day?

    So What Should You Eat After Completing GM Diet?

    If you want to avoid those lost pounds from coming back, then you should definitely change your diet routine. It is advised to consume low carb high protein diet in order to maintain your weight permanently or until your next GM diet session. Failing in doing so will obviously ruin your efforts that were put into following the General Motors diet program.

    Simple Weight Loss Logic:

    1 pound of FAT = 3500 calories; 1 KG = 2.2 Pounds; In order to lose 10 Kg of weight, you should spend/burn around 10 x 2.2 x 3500 = 77000 calories. Since, reducing such a huge number of calories won’t happen even in the dreams, it is recommended to reduce a minimum of 500 to 800 maximum per day. So, if you cut down 800 calories per day, then it would take 77000/800 = 96 days to lose 22 pounds/10 Kgs of weight naturally without following any crash diet plans.

    What to Eat After Finishing GM Diet?

    First, calculate how many calories you need per day and based on the BMR value, you should plan your meal plan accordingly. Below, you can find sample meal plans for both vegetarians and non-vegetarian eaters.

    If your BMR is under 2000 calories, then you can consume either the 1200 calorie meal plan or the 1500 calorie meal plan. No matter, what your BMR is, you should never go below the 1200 calorie limit as it would impact your health in a negative manner.

    Along with the above diet routines, below are a few tips which if followed will result in much quicker weight loss.

    • Avoid high calorie foods like noodles, samosas, pasta and all kinds of foods that are high in carbs or starch.
    • Replace the white foods (white rice) with brown colored foods (whole-wheat). Brown rice is always better than the White rice.
    • Try to stop your coffee or tea drinking habit and consume Green tea for weight loss. It is both healthy and boosts your metabolism.
    • Drink enough water per day (min of 3 to 4 liters)
    • Soups are very beneficial for losing weight as they aid in better digestion. Include this Cabbage soup or Tomato soup in your daily routine.
    • Try to allot at least 30 minutes every day to perform exercises like cardio workouts or Yoga poses. If time is your biggest problem, then at least try to perform this 7 minute HIIT workout instead.

    If you follow these tips, you’ll definitely lose weight and also keep it OFF after finishing the GM diet.



Is GM Diet Healthy? 6 Popular Doubts About GM Diet Answered Here

Image result for Is GM Diet Healthy? 6 Popular Doubts About GM Diet Answered Here

Youngsters are crazy about GM diets and crash diets and follow them blindly without knowing the consequences. GM diet being a fast-paced weight loss diet does not encourage to have nutritious foods or it does not mention about physical exercise.

Read on some of the queries answered about GM diet.

What is GM diet plan?

GM stands for General Motors diet plan or GM diet plan, a 7-day plan for the employees of the said company in the 1980s. The company is said to have collaborated with both the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture.

GM diet plan
GM diet plan

Indian GM diet plan

The GM diet chart has been very popular and it is a strict set of diet instructions. The GM diet Indian plan starts from-

Day 1, Which is all about eating fruits except bananas

Day 2, You move on to vegetables

Day 3, Combination of fruits and vegetables except bananas and potatoes

Day 4, Is when you can consume low-fat milk and bananas and soup for lunch and dinner

Day 5, Is lean red meat and tomatoes, brown rice. Vegetarians can replace red meat with a paneer. In addition, you can add cucumbers and curd.

Day 6, Is reserved for lean red meat with any type of vegetables and brown rice.

The 7th day of the week is reserved for fresh fruit juice with brown rice and veggies

If you are thinking of starting a GM diet plan, to look good at a wedding, a function or a festival. You should be aware of the pros and cons too.

What are the GM diet pros and cons?

The GM diet is flawed in many ways however, it has its pros and cons.


  1. It cleanses the body and flushes out the toxins
  2. Improves one’s mental state and attitude for a short term.


  1. GM diet starts when the body makes use of the glycogen to store in the liver and the muscles needed to sustain.
  2. Once, if your body starts using all the stored carbs, it then starts entering the hunger mode where protein present in the muscles is used by the body to sustain itself.
  3. It leaves you feeling exhausted and losing all the muscle protein while trying to lose weight.
  4. The GM diet doesn’t advocate the need to be physically active.
  5. Doesn’t talk about healthy cooking techniques which can help weight management after the diet is done.

GM diet review: Does it suit everyone?

GM diet is a restrictive diet and while you are on this diet, you will lose all the muscle protein because the muscle tissues are not allowed to absorb the adequate amounts of protein during the first few days of the diet plan. It will result in muscle weakness.

GM diet does not suit everyone
GM diet does not suit everyone

What are the GM diet side effects and after effects?

You must be happily continuing your GM diet, but you don’t know what are the dangerous side effects that follow. The diet is high in fiber and low in protein, fat, and carbohydrates, which leads to quick weight loss. Though, GM diet chart is a low-calorie diet, you might encounter metabolic slowdown in your body which will prevent you from maintaining your weight. You may also suffer from dehydration as the body uses the fluids for metabolism. The other GM diet side effects will include headaches, weakness and hunger pangs.

Will you gain weight after following a GM diet plan?

The GM diet lacks in physical activity, it doesn’t speak about healthy cooking techniques or incorporating foods from different food groups. After you are done following a seven day diet plan and get back to your regular eating habits. You will regain all the pounds that you have lost because the metabolism will not be able to process the calories consumed. Therefore, the body will store the fat and will eventually make you fat.

Does the GM diet work?
Does the GM diet work?

After GM diet how to maintain weight?

Crash diet is unhealthy and it does not aim at long-term weight loss. It lacks in essential nutrients leading to tiredness, lethargic, depression and eating disorders. Truweight does not believe in any crash diet, it will let you lose weight by letting you eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. The truweight diet plan is not like any other diet, it fortifies a holistic health by helping you to lead a positive life. It ensures that you to eat the right kind of foods, keeping you mentally and physically strong.

To end it all GM Diet is not at all healthy. If you don’t eat food you will lose weight in short term. So, GM diet is not the right way to lose weight.




GM 5 is a Nougat-powered Android One phone

Turkish manufacturer General Mobile, which is involved in Google’s Android One efforts, has announced a new Android One smartphone. Dubbed GM 5, the device runs the latest Android 7.0 OS, making it the first Nougat-powered Android One handset.

Specs-wise, the device packs in a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC with quad-core CPU (said to be SD410) and sports a 5-inch HD display. RAM is 2GB, while internal memory is 16GB. In terms of camera, the phone features a 13MP rear unit and a 5MP front shooter.

A 2,500mAh battery is there to keep the lights on. Measuring 140.5 x 69.75 x 9.3mm and weighing in at 160g, the GM 5 comes in Golden, Space Gray, and Black color options.

While the smartphone will go on sale this month, it will only be available in the following 20 markets: Azerbaijan, Albania, Afghanistan, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Iraq, Kenya, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Pakistan, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.

There’s currently no information on the price tag the GM 5 carries.


Early movers: TRV, GM, LUV, UA, DHI, AXP, SWK, YUM, MAT, QCOM & greater

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

buyers work on the floor of the new york inventory exchange.
Getty photos
investors work on the floor of the big apple inventory change.
check out which agencies are making headlines earlier than the bell:

tourists — The insurer earned $2.30 in line with share for the primary zone, lacking estimates of $2.55 aproportion, however the pass over turned into due absolutely to casualty losses associated with storms in Texas very past due in the quarter. sales become above analysts’ forecasts.

popular motors — The automaker earned $1.26 in line with share for the primary sector, coming in 25 cents a percentage above estimates, at the same time as revenue became additionally nicely above streetforecasts. GM changed into helped by way of a more favorable sales blend, promoting more of its betterincome margin SUVs and crossovers.

Southwest airlines — The airline got here in 4 cents above estimates with adjusted quarterly profit of 88 centsin step with proportion, even as revenue additionally beat forecasts. Southwest turned into helped by way of lower fuel expenses and the continuing revamp of its jet fleet.

under Armour — The athletic garb maker doubled estimates with quarterly profit of 4 cents in keeping withpercentage, even as sales also beat street estimates. results had been helped by way of strong apparelcall for, in addition to launches of latest going for walks and basketball footwear.

DR Horton — the house builder reported quarterly income of 52 cents in step with share, 5 cents a shareabove estimates, whilst revenue additionally beat street forecasts. The company additionally raised its profitmargin guidance amid stable call for, with orders up 10 percent from a yr ago.

PulteGroup — PulteGroup earned 24 cents in step with proportion for its modern-day region, four cents above estimates, with the house builder’s revenue also exceeding forecasts. net new orders were up 24percentage from a 12 months earlier. separately, founder bill Pulte escalated his force to oust CEO Richard Dugas, pronouncing he would vote towards the complete board at the home builder’s annual assembly untilDugas resigns right now.

Stanley Black & Decker — The toolmaker came in 14 cents a share above estimates, with adjusted quarterlyincome of $1.28 in line with percentage. revenue beat estimates, as well. The corporation also raised its full12 months forecast on more potent income and a drop in restructuring prices.

American specific — The financial offerings massive mentioned quarterly income of $1.45 in step withpercentage, beating estimates with the aid of 10 cents a share. sales turned into barely aboveexpectancies, as cardholder spending rose 6 percentage.

Yum brands — Yum earned an adjusted ninety five cents in line with percentage for its contemporarysector, 12 cents above estimates, with the eating place chain’s revenue basically in line. The figure of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell additionally raised its fullyr income outlook on faster income growth.

Mattel — Mattel lost an adjusted thirteen cents according to percentage for its modern-day quarter, 6 cents aproportion wider than estimates, although revenue turned into above forecasts. The toymaker has been hit bya sales stoop in its iconic Barbie line, as well as other manufacturers.

Las Vegas Sands — Las Vegas Sands overlooked estimates by means of 18 cents a percentage, with adjusted quarterly profits of 45 cents in line with proportion. The casino operator’s sales turned intoadditionally beneath avenue forecasts. The employer‘s consequences were hurt via weaker Las Vegasresults, in addition to the ongoing downturn in Macau.

Qualcomm — Qualcomm got here in 8 cents a proportion above estimates, reporting an adjusted $1.04 perproportion earnings for its brand new quarter. revenue for the area was above estimates, however itsmodernarea profits steerage was no longer. The chipmaker did say it might recognize more than $2 hundred million in revenue for the contemporary zone following the decision of a patent dispute with LG Electronics.

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Apple — Apple driven lower back its planned quarterly earnings launch sooner or later, due to a memorialcarrier for Silicon Valley enterprise chief invoice Campbell. Apple will now launch its income subsequentTuesday, April 26.

Yahoo — Yahoo’s ability sale of its core internet commercial enterprise continues to be inside the spotlight, with Britain’s daily Mail now saying it may partner with other suitors for a bid, even though it would not plan to make a suggestion on its very own.

Sony — Sony cut its earnings estimate for the monetary year finishing in March because of slowingworldwide phone income.

GM, Ford stocks should surge at least 25%: Barron’s

A General Motors worker puts the finishing touches on a new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro at the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant October 26, 2015 in Lansing, Michigan.

stocks of popular cars and Ford Motor ought to rise as a minimum 25 percent within the subsequent yr, with U.S. automobile sales possibly to are available in stronger than many traders fear, in step with a fileon Sunday in Barron’s financial newspaper.

both agenciesstocks look reasonably-priced, Barron’s said. Ford and popular automobiles exchange at 6.6 times and five.6 times expected 2016 profits, respectively. the broader S&P 500 has a forward fee-to-profits ratio of 17.

stocks of both businesses have been beneath stress due to investor worry of a downturn within the U.S.vehicle marketplace as well as economic weak spot in China. however buyers are forgetting severalpositives, Barron’s said. For one thing, the automakers are much leaner than in previous years, that may helpprofitability.

also, even as united states of americasales ought to slip from the first quarter‘s pace of 17 million-plus unitsa yr, they are likely to plateau at 16.five million to 17 million automobiles annually, the publication stated.both GM and Ford have stated they could still ruin although annual sales fell to approximately elevenmillion.
Healthcare fees for retired unionized workers are not an duty, Barron’s added. The fees had been shifted to abelieve fund run with the aid of the United car workers that the automakers paid billions to create.
GM shares closed at $30.fifty six on Friday, and Ford shares at $12.ninety four.