Want glowing skin on your wedding day? Add papaya to your diet

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As the next season of weddings is drawing near, all the would-be brides are gearing up to look and feel their absolute best on that special day of their life. Add papaya to your diet to achieve the glowing skin and fit body like never before.

Well, it might sound incredible but this one fruit, papaya, can really do wonders for all your beauty and health needs, says Mehar Rajput, dietitian and nutritionist from Fitpass.

* Cuts the fat to give you that dream figure: Make it a habit of eating two bowls of papaya every day for a month prior to your D-day. The fruit has a super enzyme, papain, that helps in faster digestion, increasing metabolism and creating healthy waterworks, all of which aid in an efficient weight loss strategy. So by having this approximately 55-calorie portion, not only you are ready for your D-day but also for that beach body, you are craving for your honeymoon.

* Aids digestion: Irregular and unhealthy eating due to wedding jitters can have the bride constantly complaining about acidity or upset stomach. A bowl of papaya everyday can keep stomach problems at bay through its papain enzyme that can help in improving digestion. Moreover, the fibre content in papaya clears the stomach and aids digestive performance so that the bride stays happy from within.

Mohit Narang, skincare expert of brand Avon too shares the benefits of papaya on the skin.

* Exfoliation: Pep up your skin with Papaya since it has an enzymatic effect and it is very good for the clearance of dead skin.

* De-tanning: Papaya is as refreshing for your skin as it is for your body when you eat it. It has a very good anti-tanning effect and is an excellent beauty choice for de-tanning.

* Skin polishing: Papaya helps give your skin a radiant glow and a smooth finish and it brings a lot of shine to your face.





Best Skin Care tips for Glowing Skin

Skin Care and Beauty go parallel to each other, especially for the women who gain confidence by showing off their best. Not just beauty, your skin quality also tells about your body’s health quotient. Aging can be a challenging human experience, and the lust to look youthful and fresh overrules most of us.

However, the strains and stresses of modern living along with the dust, smoke and pathogens, in the environment, lead to changes in our skin, which if neglected then may become very apparent on our skin. Laying foundation to a good skin requires taking care of it from an early stage, i.e. when you are young, which will contribute to a younger looking skin when you are not so young.

Skin care is a timeworn phenomenon. It has been documented in the history that in Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, bathed in sour milk, which proved to be beneficial for skin’s glow; while Ancient Greek athletes bathed in Olive Oil and fine sand, so as to prevent themselves from skin burns. One can try getting nykaa discount offers so that they can redeem the discounts. Over the years skin care methods have become highly evolved, yet most of the people over-look them,due to their time-consuming nature. Few important clues that your skin gives you, which you should never fail to notice:

  • Itching and Dryness: This is a common phenomenon in winters. Using too hot water on your skin is discouraged by skin specialists. Also, regular moisturizing is adviced.
  • Red Spots: Sometimes, a heredity condition, can also be due imbalance of immune cells. Skin inflammation requires dermatologist consultations.
  • Acne: Emotions like stress, anxiousness, or being over whelmed, is first reflected on our skin. This requires a perfect achne-removal regime and face cleansers.
  • Inflated eyelids: Improper sleep can lead to puffy eyes or swollen eye lids.
  • Red and Yellow Bumps: These can be nasty-looking red and yellow marks on your legs, hands or backside of the neck. This requires urgent consultaion of doctors.
  • Unwanted hair growth: Hormonal changes in women of age can lead to abnormal hair growth on your cheek and chin area. This again requires immediate attention.

The needs to be complimented with certain beauty products which are necessary to obtain the required oils and salts, which can’t be obtained otherwise. These valuable skin protecting and rejunevating organic products can be easily found on online retail stores and obtained on discounts by using coupons like Purplle promo code. Products which one should use on a daily basis are:

  • Sunscreens as 90% of wrinkles, sagging and dark spots on the skin are caused by unprotected exposure to the sun.
  • Cleanerser, toner and mousturizers, for daily cleansing habits.
  • Anti-agening creams to prevent premature aging.
  • Anti-Stress Shower Gel for skin softening and soothing.

Skin that is wellnourished, immune and guarded, against pollution, oxidization, UV rays, other lifestyle adulterating elements like smoking, will show visible results in both short and long term and the aging process will be slowed. Excelling some of the basics of skin care treatment can help you have a radiant and flawless skin, like good eating habits.

How a Glowing & Youthful Appearance Can Be Yours

In a world of 24-hour business, it’s hard not to be busy these days. Between sending off texts to vendors and calling long-distance clients, you’re over-caffeinating and looking towards a lunch break of carbs to find some energy throughout the day. Eventually, this stress and lack of self-care will catch up with you. If you’ve noticed fine lines, sagging skin, and an overall loss of vitality in your face, it’s time that you book an appointment for a facial rejuvenation appointment at one of Toronto’s top medical spas.


As we age, our skin naturally loses its ability to produce collagen. This process is helped along by stressful lifestyles and unhealthy habits. As a result, your skin is left sagging and puffy in all of the wrong places. Luckily, leading medical spas in Toronto have developed non-invasive ways to combat aging skin. The non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments in Toronto rely on radio frequencies to encourage the growth of new, healthy, and strong collagen in your skin. With minimal downtime and discomfort, medical spas have techniques that can reverse the look of sagging, wrinkled skin.

These facial rejuvenation treatments do more than just restore vitality to your skin. When you visit a medical spa for your therapy, you’ll benefit from their relaxing and soothing atmosphere. You’ll be tended to by qualified professionals who are expertly trained to administer these treatments effectively and safely. In addition to improving your appearance, they’ll also cater to your overall well-being. Medical spas offer holistic wellness treatments that involve diet advice and mental health consultation, to help you adopt healthy habits to go along with your new skin.

The best Toronto medical spa can offer message therapy to supplement your facial rejuvenation. It’s an often overlooked treatment in health and self-care, but it can improve the effectiveness of your treatment. While at a soothing and relaxing medical spa, massage removes any tension and stress you can be holding in your body and works to balance your mind, body, and soul. Besides encouraging rejuvenation, massage also helps increase circulation, which moisturizes the skin, improves skin tone and texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reverse the signs of aging, and more.

The daily grind can wreak havoc on your appearance, robbing your skin of its youthful, tight appearance. The small acts of self-care, like facial rejuvenation, can go a long way to undo what your hectic life has caused. Once you see the results of your skin treatments, consultations, and message therapy, you’ll always find the time for a moment at one of Toronto’s top medical spas.