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Get ready for weed yoga: The first legal cannabis spa may be on its way

Weed and yoga might just be a match made in heaven. But despite pot’s legal status in Denver, “ganja yoga” isn’t permitted. Well, unless you get stoned yourself and then go to a yoga class. But maybe there’s another option on

How to get the best out of exercise

Some prefer the consistency and convenience of treadmills, while others head outdoors no matter the weather. Who is right? Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo Should I eat breakfast before my morning workout? You might think it wise to fuel up before a

Why African millennials can’t get enough of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s eye-watering price surge over the past year is proving too tempting to resist despite fears that cryptocurrencies are a bubble floating towards an inevitable burst. One group for whom it holds particular appeal is African millennials, writes the BBC’s Catherine