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Suffering from depression? Regular exercise may help you cope: Study

Previously conducted numerous studies have shown solid evidence of how regular exercise in any form can contribute towards treating a plethora of health issues. Adding to the list, a new study has suggested that more physical activities and workouts may help

5 Sandalwood Benefits to Look Out For: From Tan Removal to Treating Acne

Skin problems like breakouts, pimples, dark spots, and dark circles are quite common these days given our hectic lives and the ever-growing pollution. The basic rules to keep these problems at bay include – getting good 8 to 9 hours of

Diet Dilemmas: What Happens When You Cut Carbs from Your Diet?

The significance of a balanced diet can never be discounted. A range of non-communicable, lifestyle diseases can be avoided only if our daily nutritional requirements are adequately met and if we dedicate some time to regular exercising. Lack of information, rather