Tips For Eye Health and Maintaining Good Eyesight

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It’s the age of technology and we are more than ever using our eyes to check our phones, computer screens, gaming consoles and televisions, which can lead to eye fatigue. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and more to take care of eyes, suggest experts.

Ophthalmologists guide you to follow some simple steps:

 Adequate sleep is essential for eye health and allows the eyes to repair and recover. Eight hours of sound sleep at night will go a long way in attaining better visual quality.

* Our eyes require multiple nutrients to function optimally. Vitamins and minerals along with green leafy vegetables and protein sources help to keep the eyes strong and sharp.

* Regular exercise not only keeps your body fit but also makes your eyes healthy by pumping more blood and oxygen to your eyes.

* A majority of office jobs require constant and direct glaring at the computer screen, making it difficult for your eyes. Make sure to take a break, every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds.

* Regular physical exam at least twice a year will keep you aware and helps to take necessary action in time.

* Keep your eyes protected from exposure to harmful UV rays.


Laser recommendations ‘do now not harm the eyesight of aircraft pilots’

[A red laser beam]ile pointing a laser beam at airplane cockpits can distract pilots, placing the group and passengersvulnerable to damage, there may be no evidence to signify the beams can damage their eyesight. that isthe realization of an editorial recently published inside the British magazine of Ophthalmology.
[A red laser beam]
Laser hints might not harm the eyesight of pilots, however they could distract them.
A laser pointer is a battery-powered, d1e51e9fa45a0b179488752ec4930123 toolnormally in the shape of a pen or key chain – that emits a low-powered laser beam.

within the US, the meals And Drug management (FDA) require that producers restrict the energy of lasersuggestions to 5 milliwatts (mW) or less.

whilst there are no specific laws for laser suggestions in the united kingdom, the country‘s fitnessprotection organization suggest that the electricity of laser guidelines sold to most people should be no more than 1 mW.

Directing a laser pointer at an aircraft is illegal in each america and uk, however it seems this doesn’tdeter some individuals from doing so.

consistent with america Federal Aviation management (FAA), among January 1st and February 13th, 2016, there had been 971 reviews of laser recommendations being directed at aircrafts – representing a64% increase on 2015 figures for the identical period.

And inside the past three hundred and sixty five days, there have been greater than 1,500 reports of laser pointers being directed at aircrafts within the uk.

however how are pilots laid low with laser suggestions? Prof. John Marshall, of the Institute of Ophthalmology at college university London, united kingdom, and colleagues define the possible risksin a new editorial.

plane top makes laser suggestions ‘incapable’ of harming pilots’ eyes
it’s miles not unusual knowledge that a laser pointer ought to no longer be directed into a person‘s eye; the radiation from the laser beam can cause harm to the retina, in particular if the beam is centered forprolonged intervals.

but, of their editorial, Prof. Marshall and co-workers say that such harm can handiest arise at shortrange, noting that a laser beam shone from a long rangesuch as from the floor to an plane that is loadsto lots of meters inside the sky – is “incapable” of inflicting irreversible harm to a pilot’s eyesight.

They provide an explanation for that the beam from a laser pointer has to skip via the atmosphere, as well as the pilot’s windshield, for you to make direct contact with the attention.

The authors notice that there has only been one mentioned case of retinal damage to a pilot as a result ofa laser pointer being directed at an plane.

The case cited become said within the magazine Aerospace medication and Human overall performancein advance this yr, detailing how a male pilot suffered retinal laser burn after a blue laser beam becomedirected at his plane, which turned into round 1,300 ft (396 m) in the air.

but, Prof. Marshall and colleagues logo the case as “suspect,” primarily because of how a ways away theaircraft turned into from the ground, which they say could substantially lessen the laser’s impact on the eye.

Directing laser hints at aircrafts ‘completely unacceptable’
even as the researchers claim there is no evidence to signify laser guidelines directed at aircrafts canharm a pilot’s eyesight, they stress that the exercise is “totally unacceptable.”

They note that the beam from a laser pointer is normally “pitted” or “scratched” as soon as it reaches anaircraft‘s windshield, that could generate secondary and tertiary beams.

Explaining the threat this may cause, the authors say: