New Study Shows This Common OTC Pain Reliever Has a Really Scary Side Effect

Ibuprofen, a common over-the-counter pain reliever, has a troubling side-effect that’s often overlooked, but new findings have proved it’s more important to know about this now than ever before. Recent evidence found that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen, can increase your chances of having a heart attack in as little as one week of continuous use.

In a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, data from almost 450,000 people, 61,460 of whom had suffered a heart attack, was analyzed looking for the effect over time of taking three common anti-inflammatory painkillers: ibuprofen, diclofenac and naproxen. The data revealed that compared with people who didn’t take the painkillers, those who did ingest them had a 20 percent to 50 percent increased risk of having a heart attack.

Additionally, the risk was found to be higher for people who ingested 1,200 mg a day of ibuprofen (about six tablets of Advil) and 750 mg a day for naproxen (about three and a half Aleves), Yahoo! reports. The study reported that it only took a week for a higher risk of heart attack to set in on a person, with the highest risk occurring at about a month of usage. After a month, researchers found that the risk didn’t increase further but rather stayed the same.

Typically, NSAIDs are safe when used correctly for mild pain relief, however, many people have begun relying on NSAIDs for prolonged periods of time at a higher dosage to treat their pain, which is why the risk of heart attack associated with the use of NSAIDs has begun to rise.

While this study certainly revealed a scary truth about the drug, it’s important to note that taking an NSAID for minor pain relief at the lowest effective dose and a minimal length of time isn’t likely to cause aheart attack. It’s the usage level over a longer time period at higher dosage that can be dangerous, so it’s best to limit your use as much as possible to avoid any unwanted negative side effects.





This week in games: Mass Effect Andromeda on display, Deus Ex gets DirectX 12

Mass Effect

Here we are, almost a week after Ubisoft sprayed farts into my nose, and I’m still feeling a bit sick. Was it actually farts? Or was it something worse? Maybe tuberculosis, or black plague, or anthrax. Or maybe they ground up the source code for Watch Dogs and shot it straight into my nose. That would certainly explain the feelings of impending illness.

Anyway, some news happened this week. Mass Effect Andromeda showed off some new game footage, Interplay put itself up for auction, Deus Ex added DX12, and Shadow Warrior 2 killed a lot of people. Like, a lot. This is gaming news for September 5 through 9.


Free games are always good, right? Even if it’s Ubisoft’s middling open-world racer The Crew? The latest in Ubi’s 30th anniversary celebration, The Crew will be free through Uplay starting September 14—meaning for the next four days, you can still grab a copy ofRayman Origins if you haven’t already.

And Humble is giving away copies of city-builder Tropico 4 until mid-day Saturday, redeemable on Steam. Might as well grab it.

Er…also Steam will let you play Homefront: The Revolution for free this weekend. It’s in your game library. Personally I’d recommend you do literally anything else with your Saturday and Sunday.


Interplay, one of the foremost publishers of the ‘80s and ‘90s, announced this week that it will sell off the rest of its remaining assets to those who want a piece. It’s a sad end to a storied company—one that developed The Bard’s Tale, Wasteland, and Fallout and published Baldur’s Gate, Carmageddon, Planescape: Torment , Descent, Earthworm Jim,Freespace 2, and about a hundred other games.

Not that Interplay in 2016 is the same as Interplay in 1999—that mantle’s been passed to Obsidian and inXile. But still, it’s one hell of a loss.

Come on, Mass Effect

You’re excited for Mass Effect Andromeda? I’m excited for Mass Effect Andromeda. I think most people are excited about Mass Effect Andromeda (where people is: the subset that plays big-budget games).

That being said: Come on, EA. This has to be one of the most generic, boring trailers you could put together for a series as storied as Mass Effect. Someone give me the over-under on this game being delayed again come 2017.

Still walking

No matter how prolific Telltale gets, no matter how many new games it churns out, I still have a soft spot for The Walking Dead—the first of the modern Telltale era. News this week has the third season of The Walking Dead, subtitled A New Frontier, hitting in November. Go ahead, do a little fist pump. And then check out this key art:

The Walking Dead Season Three: A New Frontier


There’s yet another adventure game hitting in November. Daedalic announced this week that Silence, its follow-up to The Whispered World, will arrive on November 15. I’m excited for this one, both because I like the universe and because Daedalic’s grown a lot as a studio in the years since—The Whispered World feels incredibly dated, post-Memoria.

And in case you missed the Gamescom trailer:

A better aug

Still playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? Haven’t started it yet? Well lucky you, because Eidos Montreal pushed DirectX 12 support to the game this week. Sort of.

If you right-click on the game in Steam, go down to Properties, and click the Beta tab you should be able to opt in to the new “dx12_preview” branch. This is an unofficial preview for DX12 support, so as Eidos says, expect “minor hiccups.” Radeon cards tend to see decent performance increases, while GeForce cards are experiencing massive performances drops in this beta DX12 release. Stick to DX11 if you’re packing Team Green’s goods.


League of Geeks, the developer behind digital board game Armello, announced last week that it would be bringing out new DLC for the game—but only to the Steam version. And owners of the DRM-free version? Left out in the cold with no (concrete) explanation given.

Lucky for you, seems to be made up of some kind-hearted individuals. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who now owns a lesser version of Armello, GOG is offering refunds, no questions asked.

Prey for me

After keeping dark on Prey for years and years and years, Bethesda sure is ripping the lid off this game with all the force of a nuclear bomb. Trailer at E3. Trailer at QuakeCon. And now, yet more Prey footage:

(Via PC Gamer)

Off with their heads

This new trailer for Shadow Warrior 2 opens with decapitated bodies and gets more gruesome from there. Consider yourself warned.


This week in games: What myth 4 would were, Mass effect Andromeda delayed

Peter Molyneux

We’re keeping it brief this week because, nicely, Doom is fantastic and i want to go back to playing.

This week in video games: The assassin’s Creed film gets a trailer, Diablo receives a postmortem, and Lionhead employees recount the time Peter Molyneux told his group “The hero has a dog and it dies” after which disappeared for 2 weeks at some point of myth II improvement.

advertising and marketing
That crazy Peter Molyneux.

Suns out, weapons out
each ends of the firstcharacter shooter spectrum are unfastened on Steam this weekend. in case you’re a run ‘n’ gun kind, call of obligation: Black Ops III’s multiplayer is unfastened from now until 1 p.m. on Monday.

however additionally loose for the weekend is call of obligation’s antithesis, the “move slowly 40 minswithin the mud simply to die” thrill journey this is Arma 3. It’s free till 1 p.m. Sunday. selections,alternatives.

(Or you could simply purchase and play Doom.)

fight them on the beaches
Stellaris, Paradox’s space-faring grand strategy recreation, just released in advance this week. And it’spretty good.

but lest ye forget about, there’s every other Paradox grand strategy sport mere weeks away—Hearts of Iron IV is due to launch on June 6, D-Day. Take a glance:

behind the curtain at EA
We’re nevertheless some weeks out from E3/EA Play but that didn’t forestall the writer from pronouncinga bevy of launch dates this week. The terrible news? most of them are in 2017.

The these daysannounced Battlefield 1 will proportion the autumn with Titanfall 2 this year, soindividuals who don’t want to play global struggle I trenchfoot simulator can bounce into mechs and runacross walls and something.

however Mass effect Andromeda has slipped its release date and is now because of arrive in Q1 2017. Andadditionally because of arrive in 2017: some other want for pace sport and a 2d big name Wars Battlefront. with a bit of luck each might be better than their predecessors.

Breaking down Diablo
You is probably usually familiar with the game Developer’s convention (GDC) as it way a rash ofinformation and previews in March, but the best part is truely approximately games from our past. eachyear, GDC holds a number ofclassic sport Postmortems,” where developers come talk approximatelythe procedure of making some of your favourite video games.

effect investing: placed your money in which your values are

Green energy investing

Momentum is growing, in particular among millennials, to place your money in which your values are. Spotlighting this trend is the latest Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, through which 31-yrvintage facebookfounder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, also 31, have pledged $45 billion to enhance the world.

This altruistic hobby is being meditated in the rapiddeveloping socially accountable making an investment universe, which has advanced from mostly nice or poor screening of investments toadditionally encompass so-called impact investments.

inexperienced electricity making an investment
tzahiV | Getty photographs
whilst there are numerous interpretations of the term impact making an investment, it could be summed up as investing for measurable and nice environmental, social or governmental (ESG) results with afinancial go back. The massive and new concept is that traders want not give up market returns whilstinvesting for the more right.
Non-permitted investors

lengthy to be had to establishments, impact making an investment motors are simply beginning toemerge for the non-accredited investor. Examples of these encompass:

Public equity mutual budget offering shareholder engagement in the direction of changing companybehavior.
Bonds and personal fairness deals assisting projects that deal with ESG troubles.
community development mortgage finances.
global microfinance loans.
Shane Yonston, licensed monetary planner and principal advisor with impact investors, founded hispractice with a devoted focus in this type of making an investment. He makes use of SRI budget inpatron portfolios as the center holdings and dietary supplements them with 10 percent to twentypercentage in impact investments.

The round range effect: Why Dow 18,000 may additionally be counted

Laughing Audience

The Dow’s ruin above 18,000 this week should properly point the manner to in addition gains.

opinions on Wall street absolutely seem like divided at the significance of indices growing above round-numbered tiers, such as the 18,000 that the Dow Jones commercial common rose above on Monday. somesay that “mental importance” is tied to these levels. The notion is that human beings may be led to buystocks or to develop marginally greater bullish as this sort of stage is handed.

Others say that a range of like 18,000 is no greater meaningful than, say, 17,962 — with the only capacitydistinction being that the previous is extra without problems ballyhooed by the media than the latter.

A look at recent marketplace history, but, might generally tend to help the previous view.

An analysis of the real importance of spherical numbers started by means of isolating the sessions in which the Dow traded above a brand new thousand-deal with degree at the high of the day. Then, theoverall performance over the subsequent 10 sessions was as compared with the overall performance of the Dow over a median 10-session length.

It seems that over the last 5 years, the Dow rose a median of 0.7 percentage inside the 10 periodsfollowing the touching of a brand new -000 level. This compares with the common upward push of zero.32percentage across all 10-day durations. The difference in median performances is just as stark, with aupward push of 1.01 percentage seen after the touching of a new round-numbered degree, comparedwith zero.fifty one percentage across all 10-session periods.

advanced overall performance following the tapping of round numbers also has a tendency to be seenwhen 30-day performance is analyzed, as well as whilst longer or shorter time frames are taken into consideration.

common Dow overall performance over…

All 10-day durations zero.24% zero.32% –zero.01%
10-day periods after higher -000 degree hit 0.32% zero.70% 1.03%
All 30-day intervals 0.sixty nine% 0.96% –0.09%
30-day durations after better -000 level hit zero.sixty six% 1.eighty% 0.82%
The overall performance isn’t always truly because of an regular momentum impact wherein sharestended to upward push after up days, nor due to the fact durations following the touching of roundnumbers had been greater risky in general (they’ve not been).

There appears to be, as an alternative, some thing approximately the seize or recapture of a roundvariety that draws in marginal consumers, and perhaps even grabs the creativeness.