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Eat A High Fat Diet! Yes, 7 Reasons To Start Today

Who would have thought that fats are good, right? Fats can certainly be qualified as ‘good’ or ‘ bad’. Healthy fats, in fact, could make a great diet. A lot has been said about fad diets or quick weight-loss diets like

Eat, dance, practise yoga

Nane Artstruny can hang upside down from an overhead bar and effortlessly carry on a conversation. She glides up and goes into a complex posture with the ease of a snake on a tree. “Shall I show you my yoga moves?”

This is what you should eat after different types of exercise

Eat well afterwards to get the most out of your exercise Congratulations! You’ve make it through your workout. But the job isn’t done just yet – because if you really want to get the most out of your exercise, you need