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What is the New Atkins diet, how does it work, is it safe and are there any success stories?

IF you are trying to lose weight in preparation for your summer getaway, it can be hard to know which diet is for you. One that is favoured by multiple celebrities is the New Atkins diet, with focuses on cutting out carbohydrates

Why does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

The sight of a cancer patient covering their hair loss is all too familiar. Hair loss is a frequent side effect of cancer treatment, and for many patients, it becomes a real worry. Chemotherapy agents actively target and kill rapidly growing cells,

Gym workout warning: Does THIS type of exercise harm your heart?

Gym workout warning: There are suggestions HIIT could be bad for your heart Physical activity is crucial for reducing risk of heart disease. Indeed, numerous studies have found a link between better cardiovascular health and regular exercise. “Your heart is a