Even modest changes to diet could reduce risk of death, study finds

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With more than one-third of U.S. adults suffering from obesity, it’s no surprise that many Americans would benefit from healthier eating habits. Fad diets capitalize on our desire for quick results but usually fail in the long run.

Now new research adds to the evidence that a more moderate approach can make a lasting difference.

A study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health finds that improving the quality of diet over time, even with modest changes, may significantly reduce the risk of premature death.

Improvements to diet included consuming more whole grainsvegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish and eating less red and processed meats and sugary beverages.

“Overall, our findings underscore the benefits of healthy eating patterns including the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet. Our study indicates that even modest improvements in diet quality could meaningfully influence mortality risk and conversely, worsening diet quality may increase the risk,” lead author Mercedes Sotos-Prieto, who worked on the study while a postdoctoral fellow in the Harvard Chan School department of nutrition and who is currently an assistant professor of nutrition at Ohio University, said in a statement.

For the study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Sotos-Prieto and her team analyzed data on nearly 74,000 adults over a 12-year period. The researchers assessed the participants’ diet using three different scoring methods: the 2010 Alternate Healthy Eating Index, the Alternate Mediterranean Diet score, and the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet score. Each model assigns scores to various types of food, with healthier foods receiving higher scores and less healthy foods receiving lower scores.

The results showed that better diet quality over a 12-year period was linked to a reduced risk of death in the subsequent 12 years, no matter which method of scoring was used. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish or n-3 fatty acids appeared to contribute most to an improvement in diet quality.

Specifically, the study showed that a 20-percentile increase in diet-quality scores was associated with an 8 to 17 percent reduction in the risk of death.

That can be achieved, for example, by swapping out just one serving of red or processed meat and replacing it with one daily serving of nuts or legumes.

In contrast, worsening diet quality was linked to a 6 to 12 percent increase in the risk of death.

Nancy Z. Farrell, a registered dietitian nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, said the findings reinforce the work she does every day with her patients.

“Registered dietitian nutritionists practice evidence-based science every day in encouraging and educating the public on disease prevention and treatment, and we know that chronic disease increases the cost of health care and drives up insurance premiums,” she told CBS News.

Farrell says everyone can benefit from making smart diet swaps as often as possible.

“Have a ‘meatless Monday’ dinner where you incorporate beans or legumes, such as red beans and quinoa. Or have a veggie pizza night,” she suggests.

When it comes to snacking, avoid high-calorie junk foods like potato chips and opt for a handful of nuts, or make your own trail mix with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

And if you’re looking for a sweet treat, skip the ice cream and try freezing some fruit instead.

“Blueberries or blackberries offer a refreshing summer snack with a burst of coolness,” Farrell said.

Importantly, experts say it’s crucial to not only incorporate such changes into your diet, but to stick with them over time.

“Our results highlight the long-term health benefits of improving diet quality with an emphasis on overall dietary patterns rather than on individual foods or nutrients,” said Frank Hu, professor and chair of the Harvard Chan School department of nutrition and senior author of the study. “A healthy eating pattern can be adopted according to individuals’ food and cultural preferences and health conditions. There is no one-size-fits-all diet.”


New Concept build for Sony Xperia X brings ambient display, other changes

As part of its Concept for Android program, Sony has pushed out a new update to participating Xperia X units. Arriving as version 38.3.A.0.94, the update brings along several changes, including ambient display.

The ambient display feature allows your phone screen to wake up whenever there’s a new notification. The feature can be enabled/disabled through the ‘Ambient display’ option in the device’s Settings menu.

Aside from this, the camera viewfinder now has a fixed brightness. As for bug fixes, the Bluetooth audio loss issue due to Ok Google has been fixed, so is the missed call LED problem as well as the tinted colors issue.


10 Windows 10 interface changes coming in the Creators Update

windows 10 ui

The next major upgrade for Windows 10, dubbed the Creators Update, will be released in April. It will add new programs for creating content (like new music composing and painting apps), but there will be many additions addressing the ways you interact with the core OS itself.

Here are the most noteworthy, based on what’s we’ve seen in the Insider Preview builds.

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1. Hello, Goodbye: Automatic lock when you step away from your computer

An addition to the Windows Hello security feature would automatically send your Windows 10 desktop to its lock screen when you step away from it. (You can already go to the lock screen by hitting the Windows logo and “L” keys at once.) An official name has not been released, but possibilities include Proximity Lock, Dynamic Lock and Windows Goodbye.

Microsoft has not revealed how Windows 10 will sense that you have stepped away. The simplest method would be to use your computer’s webcam, but this feature could also pair your smartphone with your Windows 10 computer or device through Bluetooth. When you step away, taking your smartphone out of Bluetooth range, Windows 10 would then go to its lock screen.

2. Action Center UI tweaks

In the Action Center, look for minor design changes to the Quick Access icons (the buttons you click to access specific controls of Windows 10). The Creators Update will also embed levels and sliders onto the Action Center so that you could adjust things like screen brightness and sound volume from this panel. This appears to be a redesign meant to help make the Action Center easier to use on a touchscreen.

3. Blue light special

There will be a “lower blue light” mode. When you activate this, the color temperature of your computer’s or tablet’s display will gradually lower as evening approaches. This reduces excessive brightness to your eyes and theoretically helps to improve your nighttime sleep.

windows10 3

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4. Swipe controls on touchpads

If your notebook comes with a so-called Precision Touchpad, the Creators Update will make available settings for assigning gesture controls to it. This means when you tap two, three or four fingers on the touchpad, or swipe your fingers in one of four directions (up, down, left, right), an action that controls something in Windows 10 is triggered. For example, you could assign that swiping up on the touchpad with four fingers will switch the screen to the desktop environment, or that tapping the touchpad with three fingers will open the Cortana interface.

windows10 4

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5. Group Start tiles into folder tiles

You’ll be able to drag-and-drop tiles on the Start menu over one another, which will group them together under a single tile (a “tile folder”). Drag more app tiles onto this tile folder to put them inside this folder. When you click a tile folder, it will expand down on the Start menu to show the tiles you’ve put inside it.

6. MyPeople, eventually

Microsoft is looking to implement social networking interactivity into Windows 10 in a prominent way. Named MyPeople at this point, the app runs in the taskbar to the left of the system tray icons. MyPeople will let you pin your favorite contacts to the taskbar (represented as icons of each person’s headshot), so that you could click one of them to quickly message that person. It appears that the people available could come from your list of contacts on the People app, accounts you have with GroupMe and Skype, and people you collaborate with on Microsoft Office.

Now for the bad news: While MyPeople is still scheduled for inclusion in Windows 10, Microsoft recently delayed the feature’s roll out. It will now appear in the next major upgrade after the Creators Update, rather than in the Creators Update as originally planned.

windows10 6

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7. Pick up where you left off

The Creators Update will allow you to sync an app you’re using with the same app on another Windows 10 computer. This will be managed for you by Cortana sending you notifications tracking your synced apps. The intended use scenario is that you would use an app to start work on one computer and then finish things later on another computer. An example: You quickly throw together some notes in the Word app on your Windows 10 computer at home. When you’re at your job, you could then pick up exactly where you left off at home, resuming what you were writing, on the Word app on your office computer.

8. Partial screen grabs

Pressing the keyboard combo of Windows logo, Shift and “S” keys together will evoke a tool to let you capture an area of the screen that you select. The captured image will be copied to the clipboard, from where you can insert into another application, such as a paint program, by pressing the CTRL and “V” keys.


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9. Share UI upgrades

Windows 10’s Share function is a holdover from Windows 8. It lets you forward content through Windows apps that support this feature. For example, when you click the Share icon on the Edge browser, a panel slides in from the right, listing the Windows apps, such as the Mail app, through which you can forward a website link.

This UI will be overhauled in the Creators Update: instead, the panel will appear from within the app you’re using and list the Windows apps you can share content to. A new feature called “Near Share” will offer the ability to share to a nearby device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This revamped Share UI could work in conjunction with the aforementioned MyPeople so that you can forward items directly to a person in your contacts.

windows10 9Microsoft

10. Virtual touchpad

This tool will be helpful when you connect a Windows 10 tablet (such as a Surface Pro) to an external display, like a TV. If you set it so that the external display functions as an extended screen, and you don’t have a mouse or touchpad connected to the tablet, you’ll be able to summon a virtual touchpad to appear on the tablet screen. It will work as if it’s a real touchpad so that you can control the mouse pointer on the second screen.

windows10 10

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This story, “10 Windows 10 interface changes coming in the Creators Update” was originally published by Network World.


New Samsung Galaxy Note Edge update brings security patches, other changes

Samsung has started pushing out a new update to its Galaxy Note Edge smartphone. Weighing in at over 350MB, and carrying a firmware version of XXU1DPJ1, the update brings along Android security patches for the month of October.

In addition, the update – which is currently hitting unlocked units in Europe – also includes battery optimizations, performance and stability-related improvements, as well as some general bug fixes. Some core features have also been improved.

As is usually the case with OTA roll-outs, it may take some time for the update to hit your device. Meanwhile, if you feel impatient, you can manually check for the update by heading to your handset’s Settings menu.


CBSE to bring about changes in existing bye-laws, recruit teachers for KVs, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas

CBSE to bring about changes in existing bylaws, also to recruit teachers for KVs and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas

While making  few changes in the existing affiliation bye-laws, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently announced that it will soon be conducting a recruitment drive for teachers to be placed in various Kendriya Vidyalayas and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas.

At the sidelines of the CBSE conference on ‘Examination Reform for Inclusive Education’, CBSE chairperson RK Chaturvedi informed reporters about the updating of bye-laws and other changes in the near future.

Details of the report:

  • As per reports, CBSE will be updating its affiliation bylaws for schools so as to make the system more transparent and to further bring them in accordance with legislations like Right to Education Act and Persons with Disabilities Act
  • While commenting on the RTE Act, Chaturvedi said it allows children with special needs to pursue mainstream education, but it has been seen that special schools are being forced
  • Also, “Inclusion”, Chaturvedi emphasised, rejects the use of special schools or classrooms to segregate the differently-abled children
  • “Generally, the schools use the inclusion model for selected students with mild to moderate special needs. Fully inclusive schools do not separate general education and special education curriculum, instead, education curriculum is restructured in such a way that all students learn,” he added
  • Meanwhile, he also mentioned that that the section 26 of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 mandates the provision of free and compulsory education to all children with disabilities up to minimum age of 18 years

Further, he said, “We are planning to look at the bye-laws and make them more compatible with the existing legislations. The government will also bring in the New Education Policy in the coming days. We have to ensure that our norms are in consonance with the overall policy.”


Ubuntu sixteen.04 LTS brings massive changes to the Linux computing device

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus installer splash image

The Ubuntu computer has visible little or no alternate given that Ubuntu 14.04 LTS come to be launchedyears inside the beyond. That’s approximately to change with extremelycurrent release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS—code-named “Xenial Xerus”—which brings massive modifications and welcome polish to thetraditional solidarity 7 desktop.

What’s new for the conventional Linux computer
if you’re the usage of the harmony 7 laptop—now crew spirit 7.four—you’ll have a better experience than ever earlier than. those debatable on line search results—which a few humans calledspyware”—areabsolutely disabled through the usage of default. Ubuntu received’t ship your nearby searches over thenet to reveal you shopping for results anymore.

crew spirit 7 additionally now, at prolonged final, helps you to pass your launcher to the lowest of theshow display. The function is hidden and calls for a terminal command, but it’s formally supported.concord 7.four brings a spread of different little enhancements and bits of polish that make this a fulfillingrevamp.

The growing older Ubuntu software center is now lengthy gone, changed via the colourful new GNOMEsoftware program software utility that Fedora has been the use of for severa releases. in addition to standard Deb programs, Ubuntu now allows “Snaps,” which may be installation along Debs. due to the fact they’re self-contained packages that can encompass their very personal dependencies, Snaps can’t mess with the rest of your system. They’ll be ideal for putting in proprietary software software or the trendy versions of huge open-deliver projects—like computer environments—with out threat.

Ubuntu sixteen.04 LTS’s new software program program application and group spirit pc.

Ubuntu’s team spirit computing device has in no manner been greater polished and individualexcellent.
The Brasero disc-burning software program and Empathy instantaneous-messaging software wereremoved from the default installation, no matter the truth that they can though be established from GNOME software software. Ubuntu now includes GNOME Calendar and the Cheese webcam utility with the aid of default. below the hood, you’ll discover version 4.four of the Linux kernel, which offersprogressed manual for computer systems with Intel Skylake chipsets.

There’s unique and lousy information for AMD photographs clients. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will help AMD’s new AMDGPU portraits motive force structure, which have to help close the gap with Nvidia’s brilliantLinux drivers. unluckily, Ubuntu sixteen.04 LTS now not helps the modern-day AMD Catalyst ridingpressure, also referred to as “fglrx.” AMD photos card customers may additionally want to stay withUbuntu 14.04 until AMDGPU has matured. that is, if you’re the usage of the cardboard for gaming ordifferent disturbing chores. AMD photos will paintings definitely best if you’re acting standardcomputing tool activities.

in which’s harmony eight and the converged computing device?
Ubuntu sixteen.04 LTS stands as a strong conventional Linux laptop so one can serve customers for the following few years. nevertheless, convergence features, which blur the lines among computing deviceand mobile devices, are slowly arriving. That’s part of the brotherly love eight laptop, which is now solidsufficient that it’s transport at the primary Ubuntu pill, even though it’s although early days for thissoftware.

The harmony eight computing device isn’t blanketed on Ubuntu sixteen.04 LTS by way of default, but it’savailable to install from the repositories as a preview. If all goes as planned, Ubuntu sixteen.10 willfunction concord 8 with the resource of default, giving Ubuntu developers an entire twoyeardevelopment cycle—until the following lengthyterm service launch, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS—to beautify thepresent day laptop and make it geared up for a favored Linux pc target audience. till then, Ubuntuclients have masses to enjoy with the current concord computer.

#RIPTwitter: User outrage over changes to tweets

Twitter users went into meltdown over weekend, using the hashtag #RIPTwitter to vent their fury at reports of changes to the way tweets will appear in users’ timelines.

BuzzFeed reported on Friday that Twitter is planning to introduce an algorithmic timeline and show tweets it thinks users want to see. Currently Twitter presents the newest tweets first as they happen in real-time.

But this story was enough to send tweeters into a frenzy with many accusing it of turning into rival Facebook.

Some questioned chief executive Jack Dorsey’s strategy.

But Dorsey came out to (sort of) help silence the #RIPTwitter hashtag. Firstly the founder said the timing of the change suggested by the BuzzFeed article was wrong.

Dorsey then had a comeback accusing Twitter of becoming more like Facebook.

Twitter has been struggling to grow its user base. Its third-quarter earnings showed monthly active users hit 307 million, up just three million from the previous quarter. And so far this year, its share price has fallen over 32 percent.

Dorsey is under pressure to reverse the fortunes of the social media company. Twitter is reportedly working on scrapping the 140-character limit and changing it for 10,000 characters as a way to attract more users.

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