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Drug treatments didn’t work. Can a simple diet help change these children’s lives?

During cooking class, from left, Ashley Critzer, Taylor Faulkner, Guust Hoebeke, and Julia Sanchez prepare potato and chicken puffballs while Dr. Audrey Uffing watches on. KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Twelve-year-old Cecily Vammino’s eyebrows shot up as she closed her lips around the

The New Filler That Will Completely Change Your Skin

Photo Credits: Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only The extremes women will go to get better skin are endless. Some of us slather on pricey skin care products, others treat their skin to regular facials, and a large majority head straight to the doctor’s office for the latest

Smoking cigarettes may change your DNA permanently

Smoking cigarettes may change your DNA permanently (Picture Courtesy-Shutterstock Images) Smoking is one of the biggest culprits causing fatal diseases such as cancer and heart disease. But what most of us don’t know is that smoking has the capability to change