New Concept build for Sony Xperia X brings ambient display, other changes

As part of its Concept for Android program, Sony has pushed out a new update to participating Xperia X units. Arriving as version 38.3.A.0.94, the update brings along several changes, including ambient display.

The ambient display feature allows your phone screen to wake up whenever there’s a new notification. The feature can be enabled/disabled through the ‘Ambient display’ option in the device’s Settings menu.

Aside from this, the camera viewfinder now has a fixed brightness. As for bug fixes, the Bluetooth audio loss issue due to Ok Google has been fixed, so is the missed call LED problem as well as the tinted colors issue.


India to build multi-ethnic school in Sri Lanka

The secondary school located in President Maithripala Sirisena’s home district Polonnaruwa will be constructed using a grant of SLR 300 million from the Indian Government

The secondary school will be constructed in President Maithripala Sirisena’s home district Polonnaruwa

The secondary school will be constructed in President Maithripala Sirisenas home district Polonnaruwa

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  • Neighbourhood criteria, not a new concept: DoE
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India and Sri Lanka have entered into collaboration to build a multi-ethnic tri-lingual school in a north central district of the island nation that would provide opportunities to Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim students to learn in a multi-cultural environment.

The MoU was signed by India’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Taranjit Singh Sandhu and Secretary to the Ministry of Education Sunil Hettiarachchi.

Where will the school be built?

The secondary school located in President Maithripala Sirisena’s home district Polonnaruwa will be constructed using a grant of SLR 300 million from the Indian government.

About the project:

The project envisages construction of class rooms, laboratories and library, as well as procurement of furniture and other equipment.

Views of Indian High Commission:

  • “The school would provide opportunities to Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim students to learn in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural environment,” the Indian High Commission said in a statement
  • “The project would also contribute to President Maithripala Sirisena’s efforts to promote and strengthen reconciliation and unity in Sri Lanka,” it said.
  • source”cnbc”

Windows 10 Build 15019 may be about games, but its many bugs could spoil the fun

Windows 10 game bar beam broadcasting windows 10

The gaming-focused Windows 10 Insider build that Microsoft promised earlier this week, with Game Mode, Beam livestreaming and other features, is rolling out—but with some game-breaking bugs, unfortunately.

What’s officially known as Build 15019 for the Insider Fast Ring also includes a number of more general improvements, including a version of Edge that will read your ebooks aloud and a better out-of-box experience, complete with voice actors to guide you through the process.

If you’re hoping to try out the new PC-centric Game Mode for yourself, though, be wary: Microsoft warned that unspecified “popular games” may experience crashes or black screens when loading, and clicking on certain elements in a Win32 game may cause it to be minimized (and therefore unplayable) unless killed. Even the new Game Mode will show up as OFF when in fact it’s enabled by default. Also, be aware of one download glitch: The issue Microsoft had with its progress bar is still there, so the download will still show “0% completed” even when it’s actually downloading.

“We recognize that this is painful for those wanting to try out the new gaming features announced this week,” Microsoft’s Insider chief, Dona Sarkar, wrote in a blog post. “We deliberated a lot on whether to release this build to Insiders with these issues; however we decided to go ahead and release it as we need feedback from Insiders on other areas of the OS.”

Windows 10 game mode

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Windows 10’s new Game Mode settings, which are designed to optimize your PC for gaming.

Some great new gaming features

Build 15019 is specifically optimized for gaming, with new additions to both the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. (A separate build for Xbox Insiders should roll out today, with support for Screentime, a parental control that is already on Windows 10.) Our previous story outlined the new additions, but we’ll briefly recap them here:

Game Mode: a specific mode for the PC that minimizes the resources other background tasks have at their disposal, giving the game all of the resources your PC can spare. My colleague Brad Chacos has outlined what Game Mode does for your PC. The Windows Game Bar now supports 17 more games in fullscreen mode, including Battlefield 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, FIFA 14 and FIFA 17, Rocket League, and more.

Gaming Settings: Microsoft has consolidated gaming controls for Game Bar, GameDVR, and more into a Gaming section in Windows 10’s Settings.

Beam livestreaming: Microsoft bought Beam and its livestreaming technology last year to take the games you’re playing on Windows 10 and the Xbox and broadcast them to others on the Internet. You’ll be able to trigger the Game Bar (Win + G) and show others how fast you can drive in Forza Horizon 3.

Windows 10 download bar


Action Center now keeps tabs on your games.

Microsoft also revealed a small additional convenience: If you buy a game from the Microsoft Store app, you’ll be able to track its download progress in the Action Center notifications. The company also fixed a bug that would crash the display controller if an Xbox controller was attached, and another that could cause the screen to flicker if a player used Alt + Tab to change focus to another window.

A better out-of-box experience

Having just reset a balky Surface Pro 4 that couldn’t get past Build 15002, I can confirm that the out-of-box experience that build introduced is excellent—and Build 15019 promises to improve on it even more. Setting up a new PC is now voice-driven: Cortana asks you the questions you’d normally have to be at your keyboard to answer. (For those who are unable to hear Cortana, there are now subtitles.)

Windows 10 out of the box experience

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Cortana will guide you through the new “Out of the box” setup experience,

With build 15002 and the latest build 15019, you can be working away at another PC while Cortana’s voice asks you if you’d like to accept the default options and other questions. It’s fun to holler “Yes!” and keep typing.

At one point during build 15002’s reset process, Cortana’s voice was replaced by a more robotic text-to-speech voice. That’s been fixed, with additional voice acting in place to maintain a consistent, pleasant tone. A bit of spit and polish has updated the UI, including the way in which you sign in with a Microsoft account. Windows Hello enrollment, which simply asks you to smile at the camera for a second or two, has also been updated.

Troubleshooters, all in one place

I have sporadic issues at my home office where my Wi-Fi connection needs to be reset, requiring me to right-click my Wi-Fi icon on the Taskbar and launch the troubleshooter. For Build 15019, Microsoft’s grouped all of the Troubleshooter options inside Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot so you can see the complete list, including tools for resolving printer issues, Windows updates, Bluetooth, and more.

Windows 10 troubleshooters

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The collected Troubleshooters.

A bevy of other useful features

Build 15019 adds a number of other useful features, most of which don’t require that much additional explanation:

  • A new “read aloud” button in Microsoft Edge will read ebooks stored in Edge in 24 languages.
  • Windows 10 Microsoft edge aloud


    Edge’s new “read aloud” interface.

  • Full-color emoji, on those sites that use them.
  • Blue light support, which removes the blue colors your display produces late at night so as to help prevent insomnia. (Microsoft now calls the feature “night light.”)
  • If you use the Hyper-V feature to create virtual machines, you can now resize the window and the guest OS will rescale the resolution appropriately.

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 beta build improves touchpads, updates Photos, and stabilizes your PC

microsoft active hours

While Windows 10 is designed for a range of hardware, more modern, powerful PCs will benefit from reliability improvements in the new Windows 10 Insider build 14942released Friday.

The new Insider build for the Fast ring includes a laundry list of tweaks and new changes, but the most important are some under-the-hood improvements that Microsoft promises will help improve the reliability of PCs with over 3.5GB of memory. Microsoft’s other updates include an extension of the Active Hours period, improving the touchpad, and an update to the Photos app.

The only drawback, Microsoft warned, is if you use the new build to play games that depend on Xbox Live. Sign-ins may fail, and to fix it, you’ll need to edit the PC’s registry file, a task that should be accomplished by experienced PC users only.

Why this matters: Unfortunately, bugs still plague Windows 10, even a year after it release and a month or so after the release of the Anniversary Update. Stomping some of these is always welcome. And the Insider updates have a bit of spice to them, as Microsoft is expected to talk more about the “future of Windows 10” later this month.

Improved Service Hosts mean stabler PCs

One of the improvements in Google’s Chrome browser (and now most if its rivals) was the fact that if a tab crashed, only the tab crashed—and not the entire browser. Microsoft’s service hosts have evolved in a somewhat similar fashion. Microsoft’s Service Hosts store a number of host processes within them, and when one of those processes fails, they take the others down, too. That, of course, increases the likelihood of a system crash.

microsoft sevice host


Processes will be broken out within the Task Manager, so that (if you want to) you can have a better idea of what’s going on within your PC.

Now, if your Insider PC has more than 3.5GB of main memory, Microsoft will begin splitting out some of the processes the hosts used to group together. That will improve stability, allow you to see what process is sucking up memory and your CPU, as well as allow Microsoft better insight into exactly what’s crashing PCs, the company wrote in ablog post.

microsoft active hours


Active Hours have been extended for all but Windows 10 Home users.

Active Hours

Microsoft also tweaked the process by which you can install critical updates. Known as Active Hours, the setting avoids installing a critical update as you’re making a sales pitch or taking notes in class. By default, the Active Hours period was 12 hours—and it still is, for Windows 10 Home PCs. But for Pro, Enterprise, or Education editions (as well as Windows 10 Mobile), you can set the Active  Hours up to 18 hours later, just in case you’re burning the midnight oil.

Microsoft also updated the Photos app, adding a new light theme and a horizontal navigation bar.

photos upgrade


Behold Photos’ new light theme.

Microsoft also added a number of other tweaks:

  • Inside Narrator, Windows 10 will now read back entries inside form fields—a nice upgrade for the visually impaired.
  • Touchpad sensing has been improved: Microsoft has enhanced the detection of left and right clicks, reduced “false positives” in two-finger tap detection, and improved pinch-to-zoom.
  • If you uninstall one of the pre-installed apps on Windows, that app will also be gone after you upgrade your build.
  • If you do run into a case where you’re having problems signing into games using Xbox Live (see the blog post for the specific fix) the Registry Editor has been improved with an address bar so you can see where you are.

Finally, Microsoft reminded users again that if you haven’t upgraded an old Insider build, be sure and do so. They can expire!


Another near-final Windows 10 build adds an Amazon extension to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge extensions

It’s a few days late for Prime Day, but Microsoft’s Edge browser now has an Amazon extension for your shopping convenience. It’s one of the last remaining features to be added to Windows 10 as its Anniversary Update draws closer to its “final,” shipping code.

Microsoft released Build 14390 for both PC and Mobile to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring on Friday, with an emphasis on bug fixes. The one exception is the new Amazon extension for Edge, bringing the number of available Edge extensions to 13.

“Amazon Assistant helps you make better decisions wherever you shop online by giving you access to Deal of the Day, Product Comparison, Wish List, and Shortcuts to your favorite Amazon destinations,” according to Microsoft’s published description of the extension.

More important, however, is the imminence of Microsoft’s “final” code. Last year, Microsoft released its “shipping” build of Windows 10 to Insiders about two weeks before the OS was released at the end of July. The Anniversary Update’s scheduled release date of August 2, 2016 is just about two weeks away. It’s not clear whether Microsoft feels it’s necessary to give hardware makers time to test AU before it’s pushed live, but if so, that would have to happen very soon.

In any event, Microsoft has listed few issues that Insiders need to concern themselves with. On the PC, the only bug listed includes a scenario where a user tries to boot Windows Server 2016 Tech Preview 5 virtual machines with Secure Boot enabled. Mobile users may have to enter a PIN twice when trying to pay using the Wallet app, and there are some intermittent glitches with the Voice Recorder functionality.

“Team, we’re getting down to the wire for the Anniversary Update release,” Dona Sarkar, the Insider chief for Microsoft, wrote in a blog post. “Please install this build and try things differently than usual this weekend. Check out some of the Quests in Feedback Hub. Hand the device to a friend and have them try it out. Install apps that are new to you. Send us all the feedback.”

Is this the final shipping code? Apparently not. Sarkar indicated that more Windows 10 Insider builds were in the works.


Whoa: facebook, Microsoft to build a web cable across the Atlantic Ocean

Tech giants Microsoft and fb are making an investment big in highspeed internet get admission to viaconstructing a subsea cable connecting Virginia and Spain.

The MAREA cable will be the bestcapability subsea cable to ever go the Atlantic, and will result inquicker growth in internet bandwidth fees, the businesses said. MAREA will run farther south than currentcables, increasing coverage, and works with a variety of gadget to make it cheaper and less complicatedto upgrade.

facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg provides a keynote cope with at the cellular world Congress in Barcelona.
Zuckerberg: free India netno longer about cash

The stat that shows why Microsoft isn’t always worried about its fluffy cloud effects

Microsoft has more and more shifted its offerings, like workplace 365, Skype, Xbox stay and the Microsoft Azure, to the cloud. fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in the meantime, has dedicated to expanding internet get entry to with tasks like

among them, they stated, it made feel to create a “dealer-agnostic” partnership to create the cable.

The MAREA collaboration comes at the tail of faster, a $300 million cable built through Alphabet, in partnership with 5 Asian telecom corporations. faster is expected to come on-line someday this 12 months, in keeping with Reuters’ preliminary reports.

MAREA will begin construction in August and is expected to be finished in October 2017, in keeping withthe businesses. it’ll be operated and controlled by way of Telxius, Telefonica’s new telecommunications infrastructure organisation, which hopes to “seize market opportunities” in Western Europe and new risingroutes in Northern Africa as part of the deal.

We want to do extra of those tasks on this waypermitting us to move fast with extra collaboration,” Najam Ahmad, vice chairman of network engineering at facebook, said in a declaration. “We supposethis is how maximum subsea cable systems can be constructed in the future.”