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Triple-negative breast cancer: Is a new treatment within reach?

A new study is looking into ways of devising more effective, targeted treatments for triple-negative breast cancer. Researchers are currently investigating a potential new avenue for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer, which is a particularly aggressive breast cancer subtype. Triple-negative breast

Puma Biotech Jumps On Breast Cancer Drug Approval

Leerink’s Michael Schmidt and Varun Kumarreiterated an Outperform rating on the stock today, writing that while the approval isn’t a surprise, it has removed an overhang for the stock, and it came in earlier than expected to boot. More detail from their note: The

Late announcer’s blog praised for drawing attention to breast cancer

Following the death Thursday of popular TV presenter Mao Kobayashi from breast cancer, patient groups praised the blog she started to chronicle her battle with the disease, saying it helped raise public awareness of it. Kobayashi used the blog to describe