Those Black Dots on Your Nose Are Probably Not Blackheads

Blackheads are big business. Products that promise to remove them, treatments that totally tackle them and mesmerizing videos that show people popping them (yes, it’s totally gross and, yes, we’re guilty of tuning in) are undeniably all the rage. But, as New York dermatologist Doris Day, MD, reveals, not are all blackheads are really blackheads at all.

“Some people think the black dots on their nose are clogged pores or blackheads,” she says. “They are, in fact, mostly fine hairs or sebaceous filaments, which is a combination of sebum and skin cells.”

So now that all our skin care beliefs are shaken to the core, how can we tell what’s what? “They’re different from blackheads since those are formed from an obstruction of the follicular opening and are pathologic, while sebaceous filaments are more common and often normally found in the nose, as this is an area with more active sebaceous glands,” Dr. Day explains.

While Montclair, NJ, dermatologist Jeanine B. Downie, MD, does note that many people do have actual blackheads on the nose, she says that, regardless of which one ails you, the course of treatment for both is pretty similar. “They are both treated with light/medium exfoliation, extraction, use of sunblock and chemical peels.”





Blue and black Redmi Note 4 color options now available outside China

Late last month, Xiaomi announced two new color options for its Redmi Note 4 smartphone – black and blue. Until now these models were China-exclusive, but that just changed.

From what is currently known, the new variants are now available for purchase in Malaysia, where retailer DirectD has them listed on its website.

The black model is available in 32GB storage option, while the listing for the blue model reveals 64GB internal memory. The former costs RM 849 (around $190), while the latter carries an RM 999 (around $225) price tag.


Chandigarh boy receives award for presenting idea on controlling black money

This boy won Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE award for his innovative idea to stop the circulation of black money.

Representational image

Representational image

  • Britain to strengthen education ties with India
  • 72 Maharashtra students to participate in abacus contest in Dubai
  • Niti Ayog organises workshop on school education quality index
  • 8% growth seen in online hiring activity in October:

Amid the ongoing ban on Rs 500 and 1000 note, a Chandigarh boy, Madhur Gupta won the coveted Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE award for his innovative idea of “secured currency notes.”

What is Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Award?

  • Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Award is a national competition
  • It’s a cut-throat competition, in which students must send original impressive ideas
  • It aims to promote creativity and originality in terms of ideas among students
  • Those studying in school or those out of school up to the age of 17 years can apply
  • The competition is organised by the National Innovation of India (NIF) in association with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Honey Bee Network
  • Every year, students submit their innovative ideas to NIF, an autonomous body of the department of science and technology

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President of India


#PresidentMukherjee presented Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards to the winning children of IGNITE competition organized by NIF today



Who is the latest winner?

  • Madhur Gupta, a class 12 student of Guru Gobind Singh Public School, was awarded by President Pranab Mukherjee on November 7at a function organised in Delhi, reported the Indian Express
  • He was one of the 31 selected students from over 55,000 entries
  • On winning the prestigious title, he said, “If my idea is implemented, circulation of forged currency and black money can be checked. He further claimed that many other currency-related crimes will be controlled.”
  • He was elated to have met the President and said, “I was on cloud nine after receiving the award from him.”

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President of India


#PresidentMukherjee visited Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Exhibition today


Shipment date for Samsung Galaxy Note7 Black Onyx variant pushed back by a week in India

As you might already know, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 will officially go on sale in India on September 2. However, if you’re planning to purchase the Black Onyx variant, you’ll have to wait a week more as the model won’t start shipping until September 8.

It is, however, not yet clear if those who have already pre-ordered the Black Onyx model will also get a delayed delivery.

Last week, there were reports that some of those in the US who ordered the Blue Coral model of the phone may have to wait for a few (3-4) more weeks to get their hands on the device. It’s worth mentioning that the Blue Coral isn’t yet officially available for order in India.


iPhone 7 Plus poses for the camera in black

Another day, another iPhone 7 rumor and also another twist to the never-ending mystery that is Apple’s upcoming smartphone lineup. It seems like the closer we get to September and thealleged September 7 release date, the further we end up digging ourselves in an overwhelming mess of rumors.

Alleged iPhone 7 PlusAlleged iPhone 7 Plus
Alleged iPhone 7 Plus

Today brings yet another confusing piece of the puzzle – a few shots of what appears to be a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 with a dual-camera setup, POGO pins on the back an to add a finishing touch to the mix – colored in black. Naturally, this leaves us a little perplexed. If we stick to the original theory of three iPhone 7 models – the alleged “Plus” and “Pro” being of the 5.5-inch variety, then this would definitely be the highest tier device in the mix.

So far so good, it all works out, right? However, last we heard and saw yesterday, there appeared to be only two versions of the handset, the bigger one equipped with the dual-camera, but no the POGO pins. And if quantity is anything to go by, the day before that we got pretty much the same information form yet another source.

Alleged iPhone 7 PlusAlleged iPhone 7 Plus
Alleged iPhone 7 Plus

In light of this, we thought it better to concentrate on the photos themselves and what they do appear to showcase with confidence, whether legitimate or not. This is not the first time we are hearing about the possibility of a black color option, as well as other new finishes, likeDeep Blue for that matter. So the sight of a dark iPhone isn’t exactly shocking. However, we must say it looks incredibly stylish, complete with little details like the shade of the antenna bands and we really hope this rumor turns out to be true.

Another thing we can clearly see is the absence of a 3.5mm jack on the bottom of the unit and a total of two grills. Given the current situation and influx of leaks, we are far from the idea that this could definitively settle the arguments over the audio jack or the stereo speaks, but it is yet another small grain of proof for one of the scenarios, if anyone is still keeping track.


Meizu M1E leaks again, this time in black

A few days ago, we came across a few leaked shots of a rather suspicious-looking Meizu phone. After some digging, we came out fairly confident that handset, codenamed ME1 could indeed be the first in a brand new Meizu E family.

Today offers quite a bit of extra info on the handset in a total of three leaks. First off, the M1E was featured in another set of live shots, only this time in black. Judging by the available AnTuTu screen, we can safely say the specs, or at least their readout, match. To reiterate, these include a MediaTek MT6755M Helio P10 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 13MP main snapper and a resolution of 1080p.

Meizu M1E Meizu M1E Meizu M1E Meizu M1E
Meizu M1E

But thanks to an internal report on the device, courtesy of Meizu VP Mr. Li Nan himself that also came out today, we can now safely confirm the aforementioned specs and expand on them even further. The FullHD panel in question will have a 5.5-inch diagonal and the processor will be clocked at 1.8 GHz. The selfie shooter will have a resolution of 5MP and the whole device will be powered by a 3,100 mAh battery pack with fast charge support.

Meizu Invitation Meizu Invitation
Meizu Invitation

Also, it appears the device will bear the name Blue Charm E in its home market, the “E” being short for “Elite”. Seeing how Blue Charm devices typically arrive in the western market with the “note” moniker, a Meizu E1 note title seems plausible. Mr. Li Nan shared a price estimate as well – CNY 1500 to CNY 1700, or around $250. And last, but not least, we already have a launch date set for August 10.

The latter was confirmed by the Meizu VP, but also became clear through event invitations that are already out in the open. There has also been word of a Meizu smartwatch launch lined up for the event as well. But, the latter is still unconfirmed.

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200 million Yahoo accounts go up for sale on digital black market

yahoo mail

Yahoo users might want to reset their passwords. A hacker claims to have stolen the login information for 200 million Yahoo accounts and is selling them on the black market.

The stolen records are up for sale on TheRealDeal, a darknet marketplace that offers illegal goods. For 3 bitcoins, or US$1,824, anyone can buy them.

The hacker, known as peace_of_mind, has claimed to have previously sold login credentials for LinkedIn and Tumblr users.

In a brief message, peace_of_mind said the Yahoo database came from a Russian group that breached LinkedIn and Tumblr, in addition to MySpace.

In the case of the Yahoo accounts, the database “most likely” comes from 2012, the hacker said. Copies of the stolen Yahoo database have already been bought, peace_of_mind added.

On Monday, Yahoo said it was “aware” that the stolen database was on sale, but it neither confirmed nor denied that the records were real.

“Our security team is working to determine the facts,” the company said in an email.

Back in 2012, Yahoo reported a breach, but of only 450,000 accounts. A hacking group called D33ds Company had claimed responsibility, but Yahoo said that most of the stolen passwords were invalid.

It’s unclear if that hack is connected with this sale of 200 million accounts. Other security researchers have also noticed a Russian hacker known as “the Collector” selling tens of millions of email logins from Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.

Peace_of_mind has posted a sample of the stolen Yahoo database, which includes user email addresses, along with passwords that have been hashed using the MD5 algorithm.

Those passwords could easily be cracked using a MD5 decrypter available online. The database also contains backup email addresses, as well as the users’ birth dates.

IDG News Service tried several email addresses from the stolen records and noticed that Yahoo’s login page recognized them and then asked for a password. However, other emails addresses were no longer valid.

Although Yahoo hasn’t confirmed the breach, users should still change their passwords, said Adam Levin, chairman of security firm IDT911, in an email.

In addition, users should make sure they aren’t using the same passwords across Internet accounts, he added.

iPhone 7 color options photographed – no Space Black in sight

A couple of weeks ago we heard that Apple may be bringing back the Black color option for the iPhone 7 – aka Space Black like the Apple Watch has.

A leaked photo of several iPhone 7 units pours cold water on that, there is just four of them – Silver and Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold. Those are the standard colors available for the iPhone 6s and co.

Apple nixed the darker hue because of chipping and hasn’t brought it back since. It could still be working on the Space Black version, which will launch later (a la White iPhone 4) or it may not be coming at all.

There isn’t even a rumor that Apple is considering a non-monochrome, non-gold version, if you were hoping for an iPod touch-like rainbow of colors.

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Mi five’s black variation launching in India nowadays, gold coming soon

while Xiaomi launched its Mi 5 flagship in India back in April this yr, simplest the white shade variantchanged into made to be had, something which left many upset. however, it truly is going to change soon,as the organization has now showed that other hues may also be to be had inside the united states.

View photo on Twitter
View photograph on Twitter
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Mi India ✔ @XiaomiIndia
❤️ if black is your fav, RT if gold is nice. yes, this means you’ll soon be able to get #Mi5 in both those colors!
7:41 PM – 23 Jun 2016
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The confirmation got here inside the form of a tweet from the chinese organization‘s India subsidiary,announcing that the black and gold coloration variations might be released within the u . s . soon, despite the fact that a selected date or month wasn’t stated there.

however, in a fb post (embedded below), Xiaomi showed that the black version will move on sale nowadaysat Amazon India and Flipkart

A quick appearance the Flipkart’s website well-knownshows that there may be even an access for the blackversion, however clicking it takes you to the web page‘s home page in the meanwhile, that means the modelisn’t always yet available for purchase.

This comes nearly a couple of weeks after Xiaomi introduced that the supply of the Mi 5 has been extendedin India – other than the firm‘s India on-line keep, main 0.33party stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and TataCLIQ at the moment are additionally selling the phone.


US says cyber battle against ISIS will ‘black these guys out’


The U.S. is aggressively targeting ISIS in cyberspace, attempting to halt the group’s ability to communicate electronically, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said Thursday.

His comments build on those from earlier this week when, for the first time, the Department of Defense admitted to an active offensive cyberspace mission.

“There is no reason why these guys ought to be able to command and control their forces,” Carter said Thursday morning at a Microsoft-sponsored event in Seattle.

Drawing a parallel with the use of more conventional tools of warfare like missiles, Carter said the attacks are intended to hit the heart of ISIS operations.

“We’re using cyber in Iraq and Syria the same way,” he said. “Black these guys out. Make them doubt their communications, make it impossible for them to dominate and tyrannize the population in the territory they are and just whack away with this as we are whacking away with everything else. We have to put an end to this fast.”

The DOS first disclosed its cyberwar operation against ISIS earlier this week, when Carter hinted that one tool being used was a denial-of-service attack. The DOD was trying “to overload their network so that they can’t function,” he said.

US says cyberbattle against ISIS will black them out   (0:33)

Offensive cyberspace operations have been in the DOD toolbox since at least 2013, when a DOD publication noted their use to degrade, disrupt, or destroy access to a particular online system. The DOD also used offensive tools to control or change an adversary’s information systems, it said then.

However, recognizing the delicacy of such attacks over public networks, the publication said that any offensive use requires “national level approval.”

“This is something that’s new in this war, not something you would’ve seen back in the Gulf War,” Carter said during a Pentagon briefing on Monday. “It’s an important new capability and it is an important use of our Cyber Command and the reason that Cyber Command was established in the first place.”

Carter’s visit to Seattle is part of a West Coast tour that has also seen him stop by tech companies in San Francisco. Since he became secretary of defense a year ago, he’s been trying to forge closer links between the DOD and high-tech startups.

160302 d sk590 116TIM D. GODBEE/DOD
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter meets with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt in San Francisco, March 2, 2016.

On Wednesday, the DOD said Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, would chair a new advisory board that brings Silicon Valley thinking to DOD problems.

The department also laid out plans to invite cybersecurity experts to examine its public website as part of the federal government’s first bug bounty program.

Later Thursday, Carter is due to visit Microsoft’s cybersecurity control center.
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