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A Mediterranean LOW-CARB diet is better for your heart and waistline than a LOW-FAT plan, study shows

A low-carb diet is better for your heart health and your waistline than a low-fat diet, a new study suggests. An eating plan that reduces food such as sugary treats, pasta and bread was found to reduce more hidden fat deposits

Can yoga make people better qualified to be physiotherapists? UGC considering

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s part in establishing and publicising Yoga Day is one of many ways his government has promoted yoga.(PTI) As of next year, people with knowledge of yoga may be given preference in admissions to physiotherapy programs in colleges

Is eating kiwi fruit with the skin still on better for you?

PHOTO: Ali Clarke horrified her co-workers when she bit into a kiwi fruit that hadn’t been peeled. (ABC Radio Adelaide: Brett Williamson) MAP: Adelaide 5000 Jaws dropped and one co-worker called it “fetish eating”, as ABC Radio AdelaideBreakfast presenter Ali Clarke bit into an unpeeled