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Can yoga make people better qualified to be physiotherapists? UGC considering

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s part in establishing and publicising Yoga Day is one of many ways his government has promoted yoga.(PTI) As of next year, people with knowledge of yoga may be given preference in admissions to physiotherapy programs in colleges

WARNING: Your furniture and yoga mats could be making you INFERTILE

Yoga mats have flame-retardant chemicals A group of scientists in the US found a staggering 80 per cent of women undergoing fertility treatments at the Massachusetts General Hospital had traces of three flame-retardant chemicals known as PFRs in their system. PFRs

PSA: Alternative Medicine in Place of Cancer Treatment Can Be Deadly

Cancer is scary. Chemo and radiation are scary. Herbal medicines and special diets seem friendly and comforting by comparison, but we now have clear evidence that people who use alternative treatments for cancer are more likely to die. It’s one of