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Summer and Fall May be Associated with Hair Loss; Try these Foods for Hair Care!

HIGHLIGHTS If you have been constantly concerned about hair fall, blame hot weather Summer and fall were associated with greater risk of hair loss Tweak your diet to prevent hair fall in the longer run If you have been constantly concerned

Hair Loss in Men May be Linked with Summer and Fall; Try These Foods to Regain Hair Strength

Highlights Your slow hair loss may peak in the late summer and early fall Lentils loaded with protein, zinc, and biotin, are good for hair growth Yogurt is loaded with vitamin B5 and vitamin D promoting hair growth According to a

Should You Be Using Melatonin On Your Face?

When you think of melatonin, odds are you think of sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that’s naturally produced by your body to regulate your circadian rhythm (a.k.a. your sleep-wake cycle), and many people take melatonin supplements as a natural (and non-addictive) alternative