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The Most Common Yoga Injuries Can Easily Be Avoided, As Long As You Do These 5 Things

As yoga has grown in popularity, so have yoga injuries, naturally. People are constantly trying to achieve the challenging and impressive asanas that they see on social media, and it’s easy to forget that the ancient practice of yoga is about

Do we need supplements as we grow older?

Our bodies need an “orchestra” of nutrients to stay well and healthy. (123RF) Many people say that supplements are not needed, since we get all we need from our food. There are studies showing that some supplements, like calcium and vitamin

Zimbabwe latest news live: Developments as Emmerson Mnangagwa set to be sworn in as new president after Robert Mugabe’s resignation

, 93, announced his resignation in the middle of impeachment proceedings against him on Tuesday. The country erupted into scenes of joy, with cheering and dancing in the streets going on late into the night as people celebrated the end of