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Why Does Exercise Start Hurting Two Days After a Workout?

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/GMG If you’ve decided, this year, to start working out, you might have noticed a strange phenomenon: You’ll leave the gym feeling fine, and then two days later wake up sore. This weird time-lag appears unique to exercise, and

Skincare myths busted: Here’s all you need to know about looking after your skin

Don’t self-judge your skin and arrive at your own skin diagnosis, say experts who suggest using a sunscreen is a must even if you don’t spend most of your day outdoors. Here are some other essential skincare facts and some myths:

Olive oil, apricot oil & glycerin soaps: Here’s how to look after your skin in winter

When the temperature drops, our skin gets drier. It’s not just the hands that become dry but the nails too can become brittle. Use apricot oil to soften nails and scrub your hands once a week as a routine, suggest experts.