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Your go-to guide for amazing skin, before AND after Holi

he world we now live in, Holi is as much a festival of chemicals as it is of colours. If you have sensitive skin and the idea of playing Holi is giving you jitters, here atre some tips to make the

Abdomen fat helps to repair disfigured cancer patients after surgery

SINGAPORE: A pioneering treatment is being used in the UK to repair the post-surgical disfigurement caused by removing cancerous tumours in the head or neck. The technique involves injecting fat taken from the abdomen into the disfigured areas – similar to

How Yoga Became My Therapy After A Major Diagnosis

I was practicing yoga for six years before being diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Never was it a form of therapy until after I was discharged from an inpatient clinic. The safety, openness, and release that yoga gave me led to it