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American Heart Association Warns Breast Cancer Patients That Treatment May Affect Their Hearts

The American Heart Association (AHA) is warning breast cancer patients and survivors that certain cancer treatments may put their hearts at risk, according to a statement released Thursday in the journal Circulation. Breast cancer survivors who’ve received chemotherapy and radiation may be at an increased risk

A dermatologist explains how stress can affect your skin

You may assume common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acneare the result of bad luck and bad genes alone. But you’d be wrong. Stress can have a huge impact on skin conditions. A number of studies have shown that increased stress levels can

Mother’s depression may affect kid’s brain development

Mother’s depression may affect kid’s brain development (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) Depressive symptoms in women during and after pregnancy are linked to reduced thickness of the cortex — the outer layer of the brain responsible for complex thought and behaviour — in