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Women open up about hair loss: ‘It’s not spoken about’

There’s tons of us out there, but it’s not spoken about,” Engle, 35, who writes about her experience in the Corner of Hope & Mane blog, told TODAY. “It’s really sad for women. Their hair is oftentimes their crowning glory. That’s what we

‘Alien about to hatch and pop through your skin’: Internet bewildered by man’s leg cramp

An after-workout video has garnered over 14 million views and has been shared 169,189 times. Not because it shows off someone’s strong and toned torso or gives tips to lose those extra pounds in five minutes. California based Angel Bermudez’s 50-second

Dear Pharmacist: Skin reveals much about health

Your skin reveals a secret about your health. It will expose you, even if you say you’re feeling OK to everyone. I’m not referring to a tan, I’m referring to skin tone, texture and color. If you are pale, you may