This Fat Fueled Diet Is Being Called Atkins 2.0

For years, we’ve been told to limit our fat intake. But this trendy diet instructs you to just the opposite, causing you to drop serious pounds—all while eating fats. Yes, you read that right.

You may have heard about the ketogenic diet, which consists of healthy fats, lean protein and a small amount of vegetable-based carbs to turn the body into a fat-burning furnace. Nutritionist David Morin says that if you follow the diet, your energy levels will be through the roof and you’ll experience more mental clarity, less bloating and fewer headaches and cravings. “You can lose five to seven pounds in the first four to six days and then about a pound per week,” he adds. “The ketogenic pathway is a way of using stored fat to produce energy because the body functions well on ketones.”

By manipulating fat, carbohydrates and protein, the body is forced to produce ketones, a source of energy, instead of glucose. “As long as 60–70 percent of your calories come from fats like cheese, uncured bacon, raw oils, avocado and nuts; 20–30 percent of your protein from fatty sources like wild-caught seafood or grass-fed protein (eating more protein than this amount can cause the protein to turn into glucose); and 10 percent from raw, green vegetables, you’ll be satiated.” An example meal would be a salad with lots of olive oil, sliced almonds, olives, cheese, bacon, avocado and a few pieces of shrimp, chicken or a piece of small steak.

He goes on to say that because the ketogenic diet gets the body into a state of ketosis, as long as you eat the right foods it will stay in that ketotic cycle, becoming more of a lifestyle where you can achieve optimal body composition. “There are some people that have stayed ketogenic for years. If done correctly, it’s healthy.”

The fastest way to get your body into a state of ketogenesis is with a fast, like the Master Cleanse. “Someone with an average amount of body fat can get into ketosis in just four days when you start the diet with the Master Cleanse. You also way to test your urine regularly to make sure that your body has entered that state of ketosis in the beginning—you can purchase ketogenic strips to gauge where you are in ketone production, which is important,” adds Morin. “Once you become ketone adapted, then you can start the transition into a truly ketogenic diet.” He also encourages cardio and/or circuit training, too, because it kicks up ketone production.

If it sounds a lot like the Atkins diet, Morin points out that there are similarities. “But, Atkins didn’t do his homework on the types of fats you can eat. The sources of fat in theory were good, but in practical terms they are bad for you because of the chemicals that they contain. In order to really lose weight and get in the best shape possible, everything you eat needs to be totally organic and raw.”





Android put on 2.0: 20 minutes with Google’s upcoming smartwatch functions


Admit it: It’s stressful sporting your smartphone around with you even whilst you’re simply going out for a run, and that’s why Google’s setting standalone software support into next model of Android wear. We gota sneak peak at it from Android put on’s product supervisor, Jeff Chang, in conjunction with a examine a few different new features coming this fall to Android put on 2.0.

Android wear apps—on their personal!
Android wear 2.0 will wiwireless offer guide for standalone applications. In our demonstration, Chang loaded a tune off of a Spotify playlist using the LG Watch Urbane second version, which has standalone 3Gcapability. The app immediately loaded the song from the cloud and started out playing it, though we couldn’t hear it because we didn’t have a Bluetooth headset paired up.

builders who make use of the API can give apps access to the cloud through a Bluetooth, c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a, or cellular connection, and there are different makes use of for itexcept streaming tune. as an instance, in case you’re a runner, apps like Strava will log jogging andbiking pastime with out you having the bring the cellphone along, after which sync up the records when you’re back along with your cellphone—or send it up to the cloud if you’ve were given a 3G connection.

simpler correspondence for your wrist
one of the pain points of Android wear for me in my opinion is the reality that i can’t wi-fi respond to an SMS or fb message from simply the watch by myself. however, Android wear lets you kind out your message with a swipe-enabled keyboard. The keyboard is tiny compared to what you’d use on asmartphone, and may be wi-fi to apply on smaller watch monitors, however on the 1.38-inch G Watch Urbane 2d edition it regarded to work exceptional.

You’re no longer limited to the keyboard, either. If you like, you could draw out your letters to write aword and have Android wear transform it into textual content. It’s reminiscent of writing on the Palm Pilotreturned inside the day, and it’ll make sending a simple message like “kwi-ficult to pen.

records as you at once need it
With the following version of Android wear, builders could be able to implement an API that displaysrecords from their apps immediately at the watch face. For it to paintings, the watch face developer has to make space for the function on the watch face itself, and the app developers ought to allow statistics to be displayed on the watch face. however if that’s all implemented, you’ll be able to pick out and pick the apps that notify you as you please.