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The FDA Just Approved a New Treatment That Reduces Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

  Dignitana It’s already stressful to come to terms with a breast cancer diagnosis, but losing your hair during chemotherapy treatment can cause so much distress for any patient. Fortunately, there’s now a device that women can use to regain some form of

For women with hair loss, a promising option

Women who suffer from hair loss now have more choices when it comes to re-growing their locks. Pharmacist Seema Patel’s hair loss made her feel embarrassed around her customers. “No matter what you do, put on makeup, dress up, do whatever

Does Taking Supplements for Hair Loss Actually Work?

Here’s where we stand on taking natural remedies to combat semi-inevitable things like losing your hair: They’re worth trying, they probably won’t work, they also probably won’t kill you, and you never know. One worthwhile endeavor—no matter what you’re worried about