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Exercising … Your Face

These are among the facial exercises shown to significantly reduce some of the signs of aging, according to an interesting new study of the effects of repeating specific movements on people’s appearance. To learn more, read “Facial Exercises May Make You Look

Drug charity group bites back at HHS

Dive Brief: A patient-assistance charity backed by pharmaceutical companies has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services, claiming recent guidance from the regulatory body violates the First Amendment. Patient Services Inc., a non-profit that offers financial assistance for

Coca-Cola preps Diet Coke overhaul in the UK to boost sales

Coca-Cola is overhauling its Diet Coke brand in the US and has promised “exciting” changes in the UK to fight declining sales. Diet Coke is rebranding with new packaging, flavours and a new campaign. The original Diet Coke flavour will continue,