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Yoga’s new converts

Yoga teacher Abhishek Sharma believes men are often intimidated by a yoga class because women tend to be naturally better at yoga than them. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint Till a few years ago, women invariably dominated yoga studios across the country. That

You Can Now Take Private Yoga Classes via iPad at This Airport

Anchiy/Getty Images Welcome to This Week in Wellness! Once a week, we’ll bring you the latest news from the wellness world that has SELF editors talking while drooling over these healthy fall appetizers. This week, we’re talking about… A new kind of

Oman wellness: Begin a new life with yoga

The word yoga is coined from the Sanskrit language – Yuj which means – ‘to unite’. As the name suggests, yoga acts to bridge the gap between the physical body, mental body, and the emotional state of a person. The health