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Eat fresh or unleash your inner chef: Five trends from the Indian food scene in 2015

14.9K Total Views Trends in food are frequently short-lived and often as contentious as politics. Should you eschew fat or is it good for you? Should you embrace superfoods or are they marketing gimmicks created on the Madison Avenues of the

Rajasaurus narmadensis and other wonders: Five places in India to see ancient fossils

16.4K Total Views In June, scientists at the Wadadham Fossil Park told the Indian Express that they had discovered fossils of trees on which herbivorous dinosaurs are likely to have fed during Jurassic period. The find was significant because of the

‘Cooperation’ was Narendra Modi’s keyword to success on his world travels in 2015

Photo Credit: Pool/AFP 11.9K Total Views Prime Minister Narendra Modi capped off 2015 with the ultimate diplomatic coup – an unscheduled stopover in Pakistan on Christmas day. 2015 was the year when India’s foreign policy began to consolidate, a year during which