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Health insurance premiums rise with inclusion of more diseases in products

Health insurance covers in India earlier had an array of exclusions, but are now seeing more diseases being included in the health cover. While the premiums on policies have increased, the features of products have also gone up. Standalone health insurance

Gwynedd woman’s sight saved thanks to double eye transplant from ‘heroes she never knew’

A woman whose sight was saved thanks to a double eye transplant wants to encourage others to consider donating their organs. In 2012 Jennifer Jones, 29, was diagnosed with keratoconus – a serious eye condition which causes a cone-shaped bulge to

Side effects of Winstrol to be cautious about

Do you know the side effects that can occur from Winstrol? Do you know if it is safe to use or not? Winstrol is the trade name of Stanozolol and is famous as a DHT derived hormone. The drug is apt