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5 hair growth and loss myths debunked

Worried about your health hair? We spoke to dermatologist Dr Sharon Wong, from the London Bridge Hospital and trichologist Anabel Kingsley, from the Philip Kingsley clinic to give us some insight… Stress: TRUE Dr Sharon Wong: “Stress definitely has an impact on health – in my

Treatment for thinning hair: What you can do to prevent hair loss

Thinning hair and hair shedding are two of the most common concerns which trichologist Lisa Caddy tackles daily at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in London. Here she explains why you might be experiencing thinning hair and how to find a solution

Dry and damaged hair? Here are 4 ways to deal with the dryness

Dry and damaged hair can be the beauty bugbear for many women, and it is caused by a variety of reasons. Generally, your hair becomes dry and damaged if your scalp doesn’t make and retain enough moisture to provide the hair