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Another American Ebola Survivor Had Eye Problems

  Ebola survivor Dr. Richard Sacra experienced eye problems, including vision loss, pain and redness, shortly after he recovered from the disease. Credit: Chancellor JR, Padmanabhan SP, Greenough TC, Sacra R, Ellison RT III, Madoff LC, et al. Uveitis and systemic

Carrots Do Help Aging Eyes, Study Shows

Your parents may have told you, “Eat your carrots, they’re good for your eyes,” and a new study suggests they were on to something. Pigments called carotenoids — which give red or orange hues to carrots, sweet potatoes and orange peppers, or deep greens to

Looking through Albert Einstein’s eyes

A STRAIGHT line is the shortest distance between two points. So light, which never travels farther than it must, moves in straight lines.  On flat surfaces, this poses no difficulty: only one straight line runs From A to B. 0n curved