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Music To My Eyes: Study Explores The Relationship Between Music And Eye Dilation

The experiment used music from the romantic era and monitored the effects of the music on people’s eyes using an eye tracker. (Photo : Google Commons) University researchers have conducted a study which has found that people actually have physical reactions

Study shows printing eyes on objects can reduce littering

A study out of Newcastle University in Northeast England found that people were less likely to carelessly discard pamphlets with eyes clearly printed on them than similar pamphlets where the eyes were obscured.Photo by Newcastle University/peerj.com NEWCASTLE, England, Dec. 2 (UPI)

A new study reveals how our eyes quickly spot danger

The finding shows that in humans and other primates, information from the eyes is not only sent to the visual cortex for the complex processing that allows stereoscopic vision, but also could feed directly into deep brain circuits for attention and