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Ellen Confirms Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant By Looking At Khloe’s Eyes

Christmas cards can lie, but Khloe Kardashian’s eyes apparently do not. In her first public appearance since confirming her pregnancy after months of speculation, the reality TV star stopped by “The Ellen Show” on Thursday and tried to play coy about sister Kylie Jenner expecting a

This Is The Fascinating Way Blue Eyes Get Their Colour

Your eyes aren’t blue (or green) because they contain pigmented cells. As Paul Van Slembrouck writes for Medium, their colour is actually structural – and it involves some pretty interesting physics. The coloured part of your eye is called the iris,

Scientists crack hair loss mystery, in mice to begin with

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 12:   A team of scientists from Mumbai has uncovered a cause for permanent hair loss. They have found that over-expression of a protein called phospholipase A2-IIA could cause hair loss in mice. The scientists from the Mumbai-based Advanced