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YouTuber who claimed veganism cured her cancer dies of cancer

(Photo: Photo: YouTube) A YouTuber who once claimed her vegan lifestyle cured her breast cancer has died of cancer, according to her niece. Mari Lopez, who ran the YouTube channel ‘Mari & Liz’ alongside her niece Liz Johnson, died from the

Abdomen fat helps to repair disfigured cancer patients after surgery

SINGAPORE: A pioneering treatment is being used in the UK to repair the post-surgical disfigurement caused by removing cancerous tumours in the head or neck. The technique involves injecting fat taken from the abdomen into the disfigured areas – similar to

Kashmiri scientist discovers prostate cancer treatment

A Kashmiri scientist has made a path-breaking discovery that not only adds to our understanding of spread of cancer but could also pave way for new treatment of prostate cancer. Dr Khalid MuzaffarMasoodi, a scientist working at SKAUST K, in collaboration