Tantric Orgasm: All you need to know

Tantric Orgasm: All you need to know (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)Tantric Orgasm: All you need to know (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Orgasm is a word that’s mostly taboo. We hardly mention it at our dinner table, at public places, or at family gatherings. We just can’t. There’s a lot about orgasms that we do not know. A sexual apogee can affect not only your bodies, but also your mental health and even your lives, or so says Teal Swan, an international spiritual catalyst. There are many kinds of orgasms; most of them have nothing to do with sex. There are countless benefits of orgasms, and these not only involve physical and emotional benefits but also achieving what you desire. They are like the sorcerer’s stone. They may also help you undo harmful beliefs and manifest what you want in your lives.

TOI Health got in touch with Teal Swan, an international spiritual catalyst, who shared with us her views of orgasm, its types, and benefits.


The primary thing that we need to understand is that an orgasm may not be only sexual. Orgasm refers to a sudden release of energy which may or may not be sexual in nature. “When it applies to a sexual orgasm, this energy that is accumulated is usually sexual energy. Where as in a different type of orgasm experience, the energy that could lead to a peak can be any type of energy. On an energetic level, an orgasm can technically be seen as a climax that involves the sudden release of accumulated energy. This could be either pleasurable or not. For example, by this definition a seizure is a kind of orgasm, so is yawning, so is sneezing, so is birth, and so is crying. As far as the body is concerned, orgasm is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. But we can use techniques, like breathing and conscious control of our thoughts to facilitate any kind of release that we desire to have,” says Teal.

Two studies reported the percentage of women who had orgasm while giving birth. A 2013 study pinned it at 0.3 percent while a more recent 2016 study found the number increased to 6 percent.


We have often heard that orgasms are healthy for your body. “Accumulation of energy creates imbalance in the body and if that energy is not channelled, the body becomes unhealthy. So, orgasm keeps you healthy on a mental, emotional and physical level,” says Teal.

The physical benefits

“Orgasm leads to feelings of euphoria and pleasure which reduce stress, depression and anxiety levels, thus boosting the immune system. Orgasm is also known to burn calories, promote relaxation and release tension, which can improve your sleep quality. It increases blood circulation in the body and the brain, leading to increased mental sharpness. It can help alleviate pain, regenerate cells in the body and inhibit the aging process,” says Teal.

“It increases the hormone oxytocin in your body, which is a powerful brain chemical that inspires feelings of intimacy. Known as the “cuddle hormone,” oxytocin makes you feel connected to your partner, making you bond better,” she added.

The Spiritual Benefits

“After an orgasm, the body opens up to a state of receptivity, during which the meridians and chakras of the body receive an unrestricted flow of energy. Alignment occurs between the vibration of your physical perspective and your non-physical perspective. Thus, you experience a blending between your physical aspect and your non-physical aspect.

During an orgasm, the awareness of your identity or your ego is dissolved. Hence, you can touch your infinite nature. This is why sex and orgasm have been used as tools in spirituality to reach higher states of consciousness. Orgasm is, in fact, one practice you can use to attain enlightenment. Tantra is the most well known example of sexual practice being used as a doorway to enlightenment,” Teal said.

Manifest What You Want In Your Life Through Orgasms

This sounds a little too fancy to be true but the analogy is convincing. Teal says,” Human life on earth is the by-product of orgasm. Orgasm and conception go hand in hand. An orgasm has an element of extreme creative force to it. The question is, what are you conceiving?”

She calls it the ‘art of manifestation’. She says, “Orgasm is one of the most powerful tools for manifestation that you can possibly imagine. Nothing matters more than what you are focusing on and feeling the experience of in the moment of orgasm. What you focus on, especially on a feeling based level, is what you will conceive.”

“In the minute of orgasm, the accumulated energy that is building up is released. You can aim and lend that powerful burst of energy towards what you desire, thus manifesting it into reality.”

Be it a career promotion, a relationship you want to mend, a project you want to work, think about being there when you have your next coming.

Manifest Positive Beliefs In Your Life Through Orgasms

Much the same way as manifesting your desires works, here your focus is on manifesting a belief in your life while you climax. This can be used as a powerful self-esteem building process, a process to replace negative childhood thoughts such as about your looks, and so many more. Take the help of your partner to prompt what you want to hear while you are having your big O, or utter it mentally to yourself.


Many of us often wonder what is healthy. Teal answers it for us. She says, “This really depends on the person and the person’s capacity to build up energy. We are all different in this respect. For some people, an orgasm per day is healthy; for others, several a day is fine; while for some, once a week will do. This also depends on what a person is doing in their lives. We can “waste” our sexual energy and use orgasm as an escape, in which case the orgasm is not healthy. But we cannot make general statements about what is healthy for all people or how many anyone can have.


Why India needs to worry about the antibiotic resistance threat

NN |

Antibiotic use has a downside — the more often these drugs are used, the more quickly bugs outsmart them. The recent death in US of a woman due to a superbug, likely contracted in India, has reignited the debate over antibiotic resistant bacteria. Here’s why this threat is real.

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Commit to a new lifestyle this season

Exercising should be a habit (Thinkstock)Exercising should be a habit (Thinkstock)
Wanting to lose weight and staying healthy is among the top resolutions globally, for the New Year. Experts say that getting fit, eating right and losing weight is all about committing to a completely new lifestyle. However, staying on track is essential. Here are a few ways to help you…

Exercising should be a habit
Integrate movement into your day, however small — even a five minute round of stretching or a 15-minute run/brisk walk should be done daily. Being consistent is important. Take help of activity trackers to monitor progress.

Make goals, not resolutions
General resolutions don’t last. Instead make meaningful, trackable goals with specific deadlines. For instance, to be healthier (resolution) vs resolving to workout thrice a week (actionable, trackable goal).

Keep a food diary
Keep a track of what you are consuming to know where unexpected or extra calories come from. Knowing what you’re eating is the first step to understanding how to change it.

Cut back on alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to belly fat. Try reducing your intake.

Take professional help

Professionals can help you in a way that you cannot ever do yourself. They have years of collective experience, which helps you omit mistakes that spoil your fitnessplans.

Non-surgical techniques

Lipolysis, ultrasound lipolysis are non-surgical treatments that targets extra fat deposited in different parts of the body. The extra fat in your tummy, sides, back, calf, chest, face and chin can be reduced through this treatment, say experts. Most of the time, slimming or fitness-related goals remain unachieved, due to lack of time and these techniques take care of that (only 60 minutes per week). Done in established clinics, by qualified doctors these nonsurgical, pain less, no anaesthesia treatments are considered to be safe


Spinal health is essential to combat back pain

Take care of your spine (Thinkstock)Take care of your spine (Thinkstock)
Experts feel that, when it comes to maintaining spinal health, even small changes can help with the healing process over a period of time. Here are some simple ways to support your spine. Keeping these tips in mind will help you prevent back pain issues.

Rest your spine in the correct way
When lying down, make sure that your mattress and pillows allow your spine to rest and be comfortable by giving it proper support. So choose the best mattress that does not harm your spine.

Strengthen your core
Your back and abdominal muscles need to be strong and supple always. Tone them through specific, targeted exercises. Strong core helps to support your spine and take the pressure off your lower back.

Wear the right shoes

Most do not know this, but your shoes are every important when it comes to your spine health. The right shoes support your lower back and keep your spine and body aligned.

Sitting the right way is essential

You must practise good ergonomics while sitting. Limiting the total amount of sitting time is essential. If your job entails sitting down for long, you must take 15 minute breaks every couple of hours. Your spine has to handle pressure if you are sitting for long and slouching or leaning aggravates back pain.

Choose the right chair

Sitting on a chair that encourages a good posture and supports all the natural curves of your back is essential if you want to deal with back pain for good.


Jamia Millia Islamia centenary celebrations: Special postal cover to be issued by the postal department

The special cover with a picture of the university that was founded in 1920 will be released today at the District Level Philately Exhibition- “Kalindi 2017” at Jamia

In picture, Jamia Millia Islamia University (File photo)

In picture, Jamia Millia Islamia University (File photo)

  • Delhi Nursery admissions: HC refuses NGO’s plea to transfer matter to larger bench
  • Smriti Irani to DU: Don’t disclose information on my qualification, CIC reports
  • FTII: Administration denies scholarships to protesting students
  • Chandigarh: Income certificates to EWS refused, admission postponed to February 28
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To mark the centenary celebrations of Jamia Millia Islamia, the Postal Department will issue a special cover featuring the picture of the university, that has contributed in the field of education over the years.

The special cover with a picture of the university that was founded in 1920 will be released today, i.e.Thursday, at the District Level Philately Exhibition- “Kalindi 2017” at Jamia which is being organised by the Ministry of Communications and will be presided over by L.N. Sharma, Chief Postmaster General of Delhi Circle.

Report in details:

“The objective of the exhibition is to showcase to the general public, in particular, the youth, the cultural and educational aspects of the hobby of stamp collection and to facilitate expansion of friendly-relations and cooperation among postal staff, philatelists, philatelic dealers and the media,” an official statement said.

The special cover on the Jamia Millia priced at Rs 10 along with other old stamps will be on display and sale during the exhibition.

The objective of the exhibition is to showcase to the general public, in particular the youths, the cultural and educational aspects of the hobby of stamp collection.


Delhi Nursery admissions: HC refuses NGO’s plea to transfer matter to larger bench

NGO Justice For All has argued that the schools have challenged a statutory notification issued by the lieutenant governor and as per Delhi High Court rules only a division bench is entitled to hear the plea

Delhi Nursery admissions

Delhi Nursery admissions

  • These Harvard University courses are available for free!
  • Student to evaluate performance of teachers in government schools
  • Learning Outcomes will be implemented from 2017-18 to define a student’s ideal knowledge level in a class: Javadekar
  • KEAM 2017 registrations begin at cee.kerala.gov.in: Apply before February 2
  • Jallikattu agitation: Schools, colleges to remain closed in Tamil Nadu today

The Delhi High Court today declined to entertain an NGO’s plea seeking the transfer of the hearing related to the nursery admission case from a single judge to a larger bench.

What did the bench say?

  • Bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and Chander Shekhar said that the petition which has challenged the jurisdiction of the single bench on the ground that only a larger bench has jurisdiction to decide it, can be decided by the single bench itself
  • “Please raise the issue before the single judge. We are not going into the issue,” the bench said, adding “whenever you challenge the jurisdiction of the judge or the bench, it should be heard by the same forum which is seized of the issue”.

Report in details:

  • NGO Justice For All, which is one of the parties seeking to be heard by the court, argued that the schools have challenged a statutory notification issued by the lieutenant governor and as per Delhi High Court rules, only a division bench is entitled to hear the plea
  • The school associations filed the present writ petition in which the statutory notification issued by the lieutenant governor has been challenged but the prayer has been framed in a way that a clause of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is challenged, the NGO, through advocate Khagesh Jha, argued
  • The single judge is hearing petitions challenging the Delhi government’s January 7 notification that made 298 private schools – built on DDA land – accept admission forms based only on the neighbourhood or distance criteria
  • Two minority schools and two separate groups representing private unaided schools and some parents have challenged the notification.
  • source”cnbc”

Telangana to establish 119 residential schools for backward classes

The government would not only focus on education alone but also augment school infrastructures and provide healthy and nutritious food for the poor children.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao

  • These Harvard University courses are available for free!
  • Student to evaluate performance of teachers in government schools
  • Learning Outcomes will be implemented from 2017-18 to define a student’s ideal knowledge level in a class: Javadekar
  • KEAM 2017 registrations begin at cee.kerala.gov.in: Apply before February 2
  • Jallikattu agitation: Schools, colleges to remain closed in Tamil Nadu today

In a bid to provide inclusive growth for children belonging to backward classes, the Telangana government on Thursday gave a verbal assurance that there would be as many as 119 residential schools established in the state for children belonging to backward classes.

The government would not only focus on education alone but also augment school infrastructures and provide healthy and nutritious food for the poor children.

“These schools will be established in the name of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, who made efforts continuously for the upliftment of BCs,” Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said in a statement in the Legislative Assembly.

It has been confirmed that the government would spend Rs 1, 05,000 to Rs 1, 25,000 on each student to provide proper infrastructure, nutritious food among others.

Education would be imparted with high standards in English medium in BC residential schools from class 5 to intermediate (plus two), he said.

“For this purpose, we have already established the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Telangana Backward Classes Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society,” he added.


China Oceanwide, IDG Capital agree to acquire IDG, publisher of PCWorld and Macworld

International conglomerate China Oceanwide Holdings has agreed to buy IDG.

China Oceanwide Holdings Group and China-based IDG Capital have agreed to acquire tech journalism pioneer International Data Group, publisher of PCWorld, Computerworld, and hundreds of other tech publications worldwide.

Tech analyst firm IDC and venture capital firm IDG Ventures are included in the deal, announced Thursday. The size of the deal was not officially released, although a Wall Street Journal story put the price at less than US $1 billion.

IDG, a privately held company, operates in 97 countries. It was founded in 1964 by Patrick McGovern, who died in March 2014. Since then, the company has been run by a board of directors, which has been seeking a buyer for about a year.

IDG brands also include CIO, Macworld, InfoWorld, CSO, Network World, and IDG.tv. IDG is also the  parent company of the IDG News Service.

China Oceanwide is a privately held international conglomerate founded by Chairman Zhiqiang Lu in 1985. The company operates businesses in the financial services, real estate assets, media, technology, and strategic investment markets, and it has more than 12,000 employees globally.

The company purchased a stake in Lenovo’s parent company, Legend Holdings, in 2009. It has continued to expand globally and in October last year, it agreed to buy U.S.-based insurance firm Genworth Financial for for $2.7 billion in cash.

China Oceanwide sees media as a new area for investments, according to its website. IDG is a “natural extension” of China Oceanwide’s international portfolio, Lu said in a press release. “As a world leader in market research and insights, a publisher of many of the tech industry’s most established media brands, and a successful venture investor, IDG’s strong global brand and profile make for an attractive strategic investment for us.”

IDG Capital is an independently operated investment management partnership, with IDG as one of many limited partners. It was formed in 1993 as China’s first technology venture investment firm.

The sale will continue McGovern’s vision of IDG, said Hugo Shong, founding general partner of IDG Capital and chairman of IDG Greater China.

“IDG’s culture is at the core of its success, and its strength has always been rooted in the talent and dedication of its people,” he said in a press release. “Our focus going forward will be on investing in the company and its people for growth over the long term, as we carry the flag for Pat’s legacy for many years to come.”

The deal, expected to close in the first quarter of this year, has received approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a U.S. government body, the companies said.

When the deal closes, China Oceanwide will become the controlling shareholder of IDG’s operating businesses, including IDC and IDG Communications, while IDG Capital will become the controlling shareholder of the IDG venture business.

IDG will continue to be headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and managed by its current team. Kirk Campbell will continue as president and CEO of IDC, and Michael Friedenberg will continue as CEO of IDG Communications. A new board of directors will be appointed.


EU antitrust regulators praise audiobooks deal from Apple, Amazon

screen shot 2017 01 19 at 11.07.38 am

Antitrust regulators from the European Union have welcomed an agreement between Apple and Amazon to end exclusivity deals for audiobooks.

The agreement between Apple and Amazon and its Audible service to remove the exclusivity obligations allows Audible to supply its downloadable audiobooks to third-party platforms beyond iTunes, the European Commission said Thursday. In addition, the agreement will allow Apple to source audiobooks from new suppliers and will allow publishers to enter into distributions agreements directly with Apple, the Commission said.

Audible and Apple’s iTunes store are two of the world’s largest distributors of downloadable audiobooks to consumers. Audible, owned by Amazon since 2008, is the world’s largest seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks.

Earlier this month, Audible and Apple agreed to remove all exclusivity obligations related to the supply and distribution of audiobooks. These exclusivity obligations, which predated Amazon’s acquisition of Audible, required Apple to source exclusively from Audible and prohibited Audible from supplying to other music digital platforms.

The removal of these exclusivity obligations “will allow for further competition in a fast-growing and innovative market and allow European consumers broader access to downloadable audiobooks,” the Commission said in a press release.

The European Commission had been looking into the exclusivity arrangement since it received a complaint from the German Publishers and Booksellers Association. The German Federal Cartel Office opened an investigation into Audible and Apple in November 2015.

Separately, the Commission opened an antitrust investigation into Amazon’s audiobook contracts in June. The Commission investigated clauses included in Amazon’s contracts that required publishers to inform the company about more favorable terms offered to its competitors, the Commission said then.

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Vizio adds Google Home support to its SmartCast TVs and home audio gear

smartcast p series ultra hd high dynamic range home theater display w tablet remote hero

In 2016, Vizio was big on building Google Cast support (the underpinnings of Chromecast) into its TVs, home theater displays, soundbars, and wireless speakers via the SmartCast line.

For 2017, Vizio’s adding Google Home compatibility. Instead of casting media from a phone or tablet (like a sucker!) Vizio owners can now verbally order Google Home to play music from Spotify on the living room speakers, or start binge-watching Netflix’s The Crown in the den.

The new functionality is available now on Vizio’s SmartCast E-, M-, and P-Series televisions and home theater displays, as well as the company’s home theater sound bars and wireless speakers.

Home integration allows for a variety of voice controls for anyone who owns Google’s smart speaker and a Vizio SmartCast device. You can, for example, adjust the volume, start or stop playing music, as well as skip or repeat a music track. Video controls for Netflix are similar, including the ability to rewind a video or skip to the next episode in a series.

Vizio has also added the ability to power on displays and TVs via Google Home using the Quick Start Power Mode—a user-activated feature that will eat up a little more power than regular standby. Let’s say you wanted to play Netflix’s Narcos on the upstairs TV. Using the command, “Okay, Google Play Narcos upstairs” would not only start the show on that TV but also activate the television.

The story behind the story: While Quick Start Power Mode is a nice-sounding feature, most people with a newer television set can do this just with a regular Chromecast and Google Home. Newer TVs usually come with a feature called HDMI-CEC (HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) that lets connected devices such as Chromecast have limited control of the television set. When CEC is enabled for the Chromecast’s HDMI port the TV can be turned on or switch to the correct input via Google Home or casting from a smartphone.

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