Drug Information

Californians will get more information on what’s driving prescription drug prices under law signed by governor

  A pharmacy technician fills a prescription in Sacramento. A law Gov. Jerry Brown signed Monday aims

Cancer patients need more than survival

Breast cancer drugs. ‘On goes the list, until you can barely shut the doors of your medicine

Officials work to cut prescription drug abuse

The Chenango Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition has been working for three years to get old prescriptions out

When Drugs Fuck You Up Forever

When Alex Miller, 21, was in high school he bought a bottle of over-the-counter cough medicine to

Prince William discusses ‘massive question’ of legalising drugs

Prince William talks with volunteer Bernard Bristow during his visit to the Spitalfields Crypt Trust. Photograph: David

Without Price Breaks, Rural Hospitals Struggle To Stock Costly, Lifesaving Drugs

Credit: Rafe Swan Getty Images MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark. — Hospital pharmacist Mandy Langston remembers when Lulabelle Berry arrived at

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